Skin-tillating! Donny Montell unveils “Screw me up” music video

He’s the hottie from the Baltics who won Eurovision’s Next Top Male Model 2016 — the premier online modelling contest for the men competing at Eurovision.

And earlier this week Lithuania’s Donny Montell proved that he’s still in top form with the release of his radio-friendly single “Screw Me Up”. All we have to say is “Yes, please!”

“Screw Me Up” is a pop explosion filled with fast beats and a nostalgia for early millennium acts like Aaron Carter, Britney Spears, and Backstreet Boys, and even a bit of George Michael — may he rest in pop-rock peace.

While the track may remind us of simpler times, it’s just as easy to imagine it being sung by main station staples like One Direction or Sean Mendez. This is a total Top 40 banger with everything a pop song could ask for — a catchy melody, a head-bobbing, toe tapping beat and enough synth and “uh-uh’s” to drive any pre-teen girl or thirty-something gay man into bubble gum flavoured euphoria. We’re there.

“Screw Me Up” is about being all twisted and torn up inside and infatuated with that special person in your life — to the point you’re feeling torturous pangs of emotion every time you see them or think of them. It’s akin to how we feel about Donny…

When you move like a model,
I could scream like a fan.
When you move, I’m in trouble.
You screw me up. Screw me up. Up up so bad
When you dance, I’m addicted,
And my heart lies in your hands.
It’s so cruel, and it’s wicked.
You screw me up. Screw me up. Up up so bad.

From the bed sheets to the club, the music video is pure sex! Donny knows how to make his fans’ dreams come to life. Those gym-honed abs and perky pecs are on full display — and in a disheveled bed nonetheless!

The low lighting and neon lights make the entire vibe sexier and even more intimate — everyone is sexier before the lights come on after all.

After torturing himself with thoughts of his amazing someone, he throws some clothes on and hits the club and then the stage.

Donny has kept busy in the Eurovision off-season — releasing the singles “Fly” and “Light It Up” in 2016 and staying in the public eye with high-profile interviews. recently asked whether he would consider doing Eurovision again, and Donny gave an emphatic taip:

“I will definitely take part because we can win.  I represented Lithuania in the competition twice, and I know how to use this experience in the third.”

Donny finished ninth at Eurovision 2016 with his pop hit “I’ve Been Waiting for this Night” — improving on his 14th place finish with “Love Is Blind” at Eurovision 2012.

Does “Screw Me Up” have you all screwed up too? And would you like to see Donny Montell back at Eurovision for a third time? Let us know in the comments below!

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