Germany: ARD reveals format of national final Unser Song 2017

It’s the revamped national final hoping to give Germany its Eurovision groove back. Now German broadcaster ARD has revealed full details of Unser Song 2017. The five competing artists will perform their own versions of only two songs.

Five up-and-coming artists will compete at the national final on Thursday 9 February. Chosen through a multi-stage audition process, they are: Axel Feige, Felicia Lu Kürbiß, Helene Nissen, Levina and Yosefin Buohler.

The five have each been working on their own version of two songs especially written for the competition.

The songs are “Perfect Life”, written by the American team of Lindsey Ray, Lindy Robbins, Dave Bassett; and “Wildfire”, written by the American, Norwegian, and British team of Tofer Brown, Marit Larsen and Greg Holden. Between them, they have worked on a number of hit singles including Demi Lovato’s “Skyscraper”, Rachel Platten’s “Fight Song”, Elle King’s “Ex’s & Oh’s”. Marit Larsen is also an established pop artist in Norway.

The national final, which will be held next Thursday, 9 February will involve four different rounds.

Round 1: All five contestants will each perform a cover song of their choice. It’s a way for viewers to get to know their vocal talents and see how they work as performers. There’ll be a public vote and the top three will move on to the next round.

Round 2: The top three will then perform their own arrangement of the first of the two songs especially composed for Eurovision. There’ll be another public vote and the top two acts will proceed to the third round.

Round 3: The top two contestants will then perform their own arrangement of the second song written for Eurovision. Viewers will then vote for their favourite out of both songs from each performer.

Round 4: The final round will either consist of the two artists singing different songs, the two artists singing the same song, or just one artist singing each of the songs. Whatever the situation, the songs will be performed again and the audience will have a final vote. The artist/song combination with the most votes will win the ticket to Kyiv.

To help viewers make their decision, a voting panel of Lena , Tim Bendzko and Florian Silbereisen will comment on the songs. Viewers will also know what international fans think of the songs via a poll. Fans outside Germany can have their say on the poll on the official Eurovision app.

Fans from outside Germany will also be able to follow along with the livestream with is being produced in an English version.

What do you think? Will this format help give Germany a good result in Kyiv? Share your thoughts below!