Father knows best? O’G3NE’s dad Rick Vol has co-written their Eurovision 2017 song

On Tuesday they announced that they had finally chosen their Eurovision 2017 song.

And now, following months of speculation that their father might be involved in the songwriting process, the girls have confirmed that their dad Rick Vol is indeed one name on the track. 

Lisa Vol, the oldest of the O’G3NE sisters, revealed the news in an interview with Radio 538 on Wednesday morning. She said that her father Rick has teamed up with Rory de Kievit for the task — and she feels like they are in trusted hands. After all, Rory is dating O’G3NE’s Shelley! Both of the men have written songs for the group in the past.

When it was revealed that O’G3NE would represent the Netherlands back in October, we were a little concerned about their dad writing their Eurovision entry, as his style is sometimes seen as old-fashioned and leaning toward cheese.

What has Rick Vol written for O’G3NE?

Rick has penned some of O’G3NE’s best-known songs including “Magic”, “The Power of Christmas” and “Wings to Fly”. “Magic” remains O’G3NE’s most successful song to date. Indeed, it’s the only O’G3NE single to have received gold status and it peaked at #3 in the Dutch Top 100 in 2014.

Their holiday single “The Power of Chirstmas” peaked at #98 on the Dutch charts in 2008. The 2015 re-release of the single was less successful and failed to chart.

Rick was also behind their 2015 summer single “Wings to Fly”. It peaked at #100, before dropping out of the charts one week later.

Both Rick and Rory contributed heavily to their latest album We Got This. The album debuted at the top of the charts and stayed in the top 10 for four weeks.

The album contained the song “Take The Money And Run” — great motto to live by! — which was one of the few tracks that was not written by Vol or De Kievit. The song charted at #30 in the Top 100 — their most successful chart performance since the release of “Magic”. But it dropped out of the charts after just one week.

The girls seem optimistic about their chances. As they said earlier this week:

“After a long process we know now which song we will sing to represent The Netherlands in Kyiv. We are really enthusiastic and right now we are busy making an amazing track from the demo we have right now. In the beginning of March, we will proudly release our song to the people.”

What are your thoughts on Rick Vol and Rory de Kievit writing O’G3NE’s Eurovision entry? Let us know in the comments below!

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