Czech Republic: Eurovision 2017 artist to be revealed by the middle of February

Not so long ago we reported that the Czech broadcaster Ceska Televize had shortlisted five candidates on the run to become their sixth Eurovision act. However, the Czech Head of Delegation Jan Bors has just revealed that they already know the artist, but they want to leave it as a surprise. It’s all about the tease! The public will know who it is by the middle of February.

And while the artist’s name will drop in February, the song won’t come out until March. That’s the same tactic the Czech broadcaster used with Marta Jandova and Vaclav Barta, who represented the country in 2015.

Jan also shared more details of this year’s selection process. As we reported earlier, Ceska Televize received more than three hundred songs and it took a while for them to review all the bids (which likely ranged from disastrous to stellar). In fact, it took them over five thousand minutes! Jan and two other specialists from the broadcaster shortlisted five entries and then handed them over to a professional jury. That jury gave it a go and picked just one candidate and we cannot wait to know who it is.

Who will it be?

We don’t have many clues about who the representative will be. However, several artists told Czech Eurovision portal that they had submitted bids. Leona Senkova, Elis Mraz, pame faul and the widely discussed Mikolas Josef are among them. However, none of them have given any hints on whether they were chosen except for pame faul who is “biting his tongue”. He posted a picture with what may be part of his song’s lyrics… but would the Czech broadcaster allow this to go public? Rather unlikely…

Another potential candidate is Lenny, who won the Czech fan poll. She released her debut album last fall and it included the incredible hit “Lover”, which would be a strong bid in the eyes of many. However, if it was indeed chosen then Ceska Telivize wouldn’t wait so long to reveal the song. Why sit on a hit, right? So it seems dubious that Lenny will go to Eurovision unless she has another ace up her sleeve.

And what do you think? Are you excited to know about the Czech representative? Who do you want it to be? Let us know in the comments below!