Greece: Dimitris Kontopoulos says songs will be revealed on 10 March

It’s the national final that’s being put together piece by piece, and now it seems more information has come out about Greece‘s national final. Songwriter Dimitris Kontopoulos has revealed that Demy’s three songs will be revealed to the public on 10 March.

INFE Greece reports that in a Q&A session with journalist Lampros Konstantaras, Kontopoulos was asked when the songs would be released. He confirmed the songs would be revealed to the public on Friday 10 March.

But does that mean the national final will also be held on that date? When asked, Kontopoulos would only say that the songs would be presented on that date.

The deadline for entries for Eurovision 2017 is two days later, on 12 March. So if the national final is going to be held after 10 March, it doesn’t leave them much time.

Also deciding that weekend will be Iceland, Lithuania, Norway and Sweden. They will all hold their national finals on Saturday 11th. Deciding this late also means there’s no time to revamp the selected song — but countries like Greece and Sweden have not traditionally be revampers.

In mid January it was confirmed that singer Demy would represent Greece at Eurovision 2017 in Kyiv. Her song will be selected at a national final, where the Greek public will vote for their favourite of three songs.

The songs have been written by Dimitris Kontopoulos and will be staged by Fokas Evangelinos — the “dream team” behind Sergey Lazarev’s “You Are the Only One”, and many other iconic Eurovision performances. Fans are expecting this will put Greece back in the grand final, after last year’s shock non-qualification.

Meanwhile, Demy shared a short video of the ERT String Ensemble recording a very dramatic piece of music. She wrote that it was “such an honor having the ERT String Ensemble participate in our 3 Eurovision songs”. This may be the first hint of how one of Demy’s songs will sound. It offers a far more bold and dramatic feeling than many of the ballads selected so far by other countries.

What do you think? Should Greece have their national final so close to the deadline? Share your thoughts below!