Är ni redo? The second semifinal of Melodifestivalen 2017 will explode live from Malmö — the host city of Eurovision 2013 — at 20:00 CET this evening. But before the backing dancers are finished stretching and producers warm up the wind machines, let’s find out which act our readers think should win the semifinal.

She was the act you were most excited to see ahead of rehearsals, and her 2:30-snippet set hearts alight. Her song is “A Million Years” — and that seems to be how long you’ll love her. Yes, Mariette won our poll — and in a landslide.

Our readers cast 1,600 votes since yesterday afternoon — and the dread-locked diva earned 44% of them. After finishing third at Melodifestivalen 2015, she had fans worshiping at her altar and begging her to return to the contest. She took her time and now she is working with Eurovision-winning composers Thomas G:Son and Peter Boström. Do they have another winner on their hands?

The second artist our readers want to send direkt till final is Lisa Ajax. Last year her heart wanted her dead, but this year she doesn’t give a f*ck. And she makes it clear by dropping the f-bomb ten times in her entry. Thankfully y’all don’t give a … about that either, and have thrown her 19% of the vote.

Only four artists can survive tonight and the two acts you would send to Andra Chansen are Benjamin Ingrosso and Roger Pontare.

Melfest debutant Benjamin Ingrosso is giving us good lovin’ and great dance moves. He must have it in his genes — his father is former dancer Emilio Ingrosso! Benjamin earned 16% of all the votes.

Roger Pontare is a Melodifestivalen and Eurovision veteran. This is his fifth time at Melodifestivalen and twice he has been crowned as the winner. Just like Mariette, Roger is also paired with Eurovision winner Thomas G:Son. Can Mr G:Son pull Roger’s sound into 2017?

This means you are saying adjö to Dismissed, Etzia and Allyawan. All three acts are debuting at the contest, but maybe it’s not their time to shine yet. But their fate is still in the hands of the Swedish public.

Poll results: Who should win semi-final 2 in Malmö?

1. Mariette with “A Million Years” 44% (709 votes)
2. Lisa Ajax with “I Don’t Give A” 19% (301 votes)
3. Benjamin Ingrosso with “Good Lovin'” 16% (261 votes)
4. Roger Pontare with “Himmel och hav” 9% (139 votes)
5. Dismissed with “Hearts Align” 6% (91 votes)
6. Etzia with “Up” 4% (63 votes)
7. Allyawan with “Vart har du vart” 2% (36 votes)

Melodifestivalen 2017: semi-final 2 preview


Photo: Stina Stjernkvist/SVT

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Disappointed Roger Pontare didn’t at least get to andra chansen. His song was brilliant.

So far I feel like him and and Dina Nah in round 1 should not have been eliminated. Ah well. Happy Mariette and Ace are in the finals at least 🙂

Purple Mask

I really like Bejamin actually. He was my winner tonight. 🙂
Watching Sanremo now!


How would ‘I Don’t Give A’ work on the Eurovision stage? :)). Love the song though!

Purple Mask

Hahaha! All that swearing…

Purple Mask

Yassss!! Dismissed were amazing!! 🙂

Purple Mask

Allyawan is off pitch (sharp); i’m disappointed. 🙁 His rapping is okay.

Purple Mask

Etzia’s choreography belongs at a Junior contest. Dreadful; i’m sorry. 🙁
And too much smoke

Purple Mask

Oh wow! Torches for Roger Pontare! He’s so awesome 🙂


Benjamin deserves to get to Final.

Purple Mask

Never mind. LOL

Purple Mask

N.B. Apparently this is Poland’s line-up:
Martin Fitch – Fight for Us
Kasia Mo? – Flashlight
Carmell – Faces
Agata Nizi?ska – Reason
Isabell Otr?bus-Larsson – Voiceless
Aneta Sablik – Ulalala
Rafa? Brzozowski – Sky Over Europe
Ma?gorzata „Lanberry” U?ci?owska – Only Human
Paulla Chc? tam z Tob? by?
Olaf Bressa – You Look Good

Purple Mask

Aww what Poland! Couldn’t y’all wait until tomorrow to announce that?! LOL.
I think Dismissed might be surprise andra chansen qualifiers tonight. Just a feeling.

(J)ESC Fanatic

I agree with the results but I would actually replace Benjamin with Etzia.


TVP has just revealed polish acts for Krajowe Eliminacje!