Greece Eurovision 2017 reports: National final to take place on 6 March

After a lot of drama, Greece’s public broadcaster ERT recently announced that Demy will represent the country at Eurovision 2017. Additionally, they also revealed that their song for Kyiv will be selected through a national final.

And now, as esctoday reports, we appear to have a date — Monday 6 March.

Want to know everything about Greece’s Eurovision 2017 national final? Read on!

First reaction to Demy for Greece at Eurovision 2017

Greece Eurovision 2017 National Final

The Songs

As you may already know, three songs will compete for the golden ticket to Eurovision.

All three entries are composed and produced by Dimitris Kontopoulos, who previously worked on Eurovision hits like Russia’s “You Are The Only One” and Azerbaijan’s “Hold Me”.

One song is described as a radio-friendly pop-rock ballad, co-written by Romy Papadea, Demy’s sister.

The second one is an American-style ballad co-written by John Ballard.

The third starts as a ballad before gradually evolving into a dance banger. It’s a combined effort between Dimitris, Romy and John.

All three tracks are already recorded and, for the first time ever, ERT’s symphonic orchestra took part in the recording. According to INFE Greece, the national final night will be the first opportunity for us to hear the songs.

The Performances

Strangely, the songs won’t be performed live. Instead, Demy and her team will soon travel to Odessa and shoot three separate music videos.

In the spirit of #BuildingBridges, the Greek team hopes to underline the deep bond between Greece and Ukraine. The Greek connections are particularly strong in Odessa.

These music videos will be shown to the public during the national final, who will then vote for their favourite.

Demy & Poli Genova “If Love Was A Crime”

The Voting

The final result will be decided by 70% televoting and 30% jury. However, in a somewhat innovative twist, the juries will be made up of music unprofessionals from all around the world.

But they won’t be international juries in the traditional sense, as each juror must be a member of the Greek diaspora.

Currently, the plan is to have seven to nine juries, all representing different countries. They will watch the live broadcast of the national final and vote alongside the public to determine the final result.

Final decisions are yet to be taken regarding the juries.

Demy “Tha Meineis Feugontas”


Initially, the intention was late February, but that’s obviously not happening.

Recently, Dimitris Kontopoulos said the songs will be presented to the public on 10 March, while reported the national final will be held on 6 March. At this stage, the latter seems to be the widely accepted view.

The deadline for countries to finalise their Eurovision 2017 entries is 12 March, when the annual Head of Delegations meeting takes place. That gives Greece a small amount of time to organise everything.

Let’s hope they make it…

So what do you think of the Greece Eurovision 2017 plans? Let us know in the comments below.