Hello, “World”! Lindita gives sneak peek of her revamped Eurovision 2017 song

Back in January she told wiwibloggs that’d she revamp her song “Botë” into English and make it more Eurovision-friendly.

And it seems that Albania’s Lindita Halimi is well on her way with that, as today she and her composer Klodian Qafoku both published a sneak peek of her freshly revamped song “World” on Facebook.

This, my friends, is how an orchestra slays…

Clearly touched by the fresh symphonic sound, Lindita wrote: “I’m all in my feelings right now… sneak peek of ‘WORLD'”

The re-orchestration of the piece sounds somehow fresher and more contemporary, even judging from just a few seconds. This will go down very well with fans of the original version of the song, and also with those who said the song needed to be pulled toward 2017.

We should note that this is just one of the versions Lindita and her team have prepared.

Speaking to wiwiblogger Erdi on Facebook, Lindita said: “They made different versions but we gotta keep that original feeling even if there are slight changes that put more drama [into the song].”

On January 2, during a Skype interview with wiwibloggs, the American Idol alum — who recently shared the cover of PEOPLE magazine with Oprah — said that the song will represent a third way between Eurovision and traditional orchestra.

“We will definitely make it more ‘Eurovision-like,’” she says. “It’s not going to be as ‘orchestra’ as it was because honestly you can’t really do but so much with an orchestra. You can’t put in electronic sounds and stuff. Even though it’s a grand ballad, we’re definitely going to make it a bit more today, because the song is a bit too classical for the young ears.”


Are you loving this sneak peek as much as we are? Do you think that Lindita has just booked herself a spot in the final? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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