Eurovision 2017: Jazz musician Martina Barta will represent the Czech Republic in Kyiv

Gabriela Guncíková took them to their first ever Eurovision final in 2016. And now the Czech Republic has chosen her successor — it’s Martina Barta.

We already knew that the Czech Republic had a singer lined up, but, until today, we didn’t know who.

However, with speculation mounting, all signs seemed to point towards Martina, an up-and-coming jazz singer.

Just yesterday, the Czech team dropped a photo from the recording studio in London. The picture included the top of a mystery woman’s head, we now know it to be Martina.

The news became somewhat official, when Martina’s jazz band 4 To The Bar published details on their website, although the post appears to have been subsequently removed.

The news has now been confirmed. The Czech team have made it official, with a post promising a the song and video clip will be coming soon.

Who is Martina Barta?

That is the question on everybody’s lips. Martina is not even particularly well-known in the Czech Republic.

In fact, hardly anyone knows her — at the time of writing she has only a handful of likes on her Facebook page and less than 50 YouTube subscribers.

Of course, this is not a sign of her talent, as she has a lot to offer.

Based in Berlin, the jazz singer also plays the French horn.

Jazz is quite a popular genre in the Czech Republic and if you walk around the streets of Prague you can find plenty of jazz clubs.

Martina is currently participating in Sinatrology — a swing gala night — alongside Dasha, the singer who was in discussions with Ceska Televize last year.

Martina’s song has yet to be revealed, but Czech fans are already predicting yet another ballad, which has been the trend since the Central European nation returned to the contest in 2015

Jan Bors, the head of the Czech delegation, avoided giving a clear answer when asked directly. Instead, he explained that the broadcaster received many different songs, mostly ballads though, and it all depends on the quality of the song.

He also mentioned that there were no songs from Czech composers in the shortlisted top five.

If it is a jazz track to match the style of the singer, then it would be a risky step, as the genre is not particularly popular at Eurovision.

At the same time, it may stand out. In the end everything will depend on the song and its execution. We just need to do wait and see.

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