Poll: Who should win the semi-final of Supernova 2017?

Latvia’s Supernova 2017 is proving to be very unpredictable so far. Both of our heats poll winners, Katrina Cirule and Markus Riva, have not even got through to the semi-final. A number of Wiwi Jury favourites — like UP and Laura Lo & Chris Oak — also fell by the wayside.

Now there’s a much smaller field though and the results are less brutal. Eight acts remain, with four spots in the final open. As always, two acts will make it through on the public/Spotify vote, whilst two will be spared by the jury.

My Radiant You will certainly go in as one of the favourites this weekend. They received great comments from the jury, ranking top not only with them but also the public vote. Triana Park and Lauris Valters also seem to have got a good reception from their live performances. But the question is: who do y’all want to see win the semi-final and move on?

You can check out all eight acts live below, then vote in our poll afterwards. You can vote for as many of the acts as you like, but you can only vote once. Make sure you’re confident in who you’re picking, y’all!

Supernova 2017 — Semi-final

Lauris Valters — “Magic Years”

Linda Leen — “Who Is In Charge”

Miks Dukurs — “Spiritual Priest”

Franco Franco — “Up”

My Radiant You — “All I Know”

Triana Park — “Line”

Santa Danelevica — “Your Breath”

The Ludvig — “I’m In Love With You”

Be sure to let us know who your favourite is in the comments section as well. We’ll be closing the poll on Sunday morning with results to follow before the show!

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