The Netherlands: O’G3NE’s Eurovision 2017 song to be revealed on March 3

The wait is nearly over: On March 3, the Netherlands’ O’G3NE will officially release their Eurovision entry!

O’G3NE will unveil their song during a press conference in Amsterdam, set for 11:00 CET. AVROTROS will repeat their reveal method from last year, when Douwe Bob presented his song “Slow Down” live at the event (which was also streamed on Periscope).

Earlier this month, the all-girl three-piece revealed that they had narrowed their list of potential Eurovision songs down to three finalists before finally making a decision.

Little is known about their Eurovision song beyond the composers, who happen to be their dad Rick Vol and Shelley’s boyfriend Rory de Kievit. They previously stated that, although people know them as ballad singers, their song could come from any genre. They like to keep us guessing…

O’G3NE emerged as early favourites among fans and followers of the contest. They won our first “Which act are you most excited for?” poll back in December with 31.89% of the vote.

Before that, Graham Norton told Dutch newspaper Telegraaf that he was excited about the Dutch choice. He said:

“In the ten years that I’ve been doing Eurovision, I haven’t seen that on the stage — a female, close-harmony group. I mean, those girls are great! The great thing about Eurovision is that you can never second-guess it. I think right now, those girls have got a lot of traction … So right now they’re very hot, but by the time March comes around, who knows. There could be a new Conchita. Every Eurovision, a story captures people’s imagination.”

The trio have often said that they are competing to actually win the contest and bring Eurovision back to the country for the first time since 1980.

“We would really want to get the title to The Netherlands. To make this happen we should win from everyone in the competition, so it does not matter who we will face on our road to it. Our focus is on our own strength and we are really busy to find a perfect team around us.”

What are you expecting O’G3NE’s song to be like? Tell us in the comments below!

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