Poll results: Brooke Borg should win the Malta Eurovision Song Contest 2017

Once you know you’re golden, you are unstoppable honey! And so it goes with Brooke Borg, who finished as runner-up to Ira Losco in last year’s national selection in Malta. A year later she’s come back to slay the competition and has now been crowned your favourite leading into the competition on Saturday, February 18.

Brooke won the poll in landslide, earning 872 out of the 3,565 votes cast. That’s over 24%, y’all. She also managed to conquer the Wiwi Jury, finishing in first place with our panel of music un-professionals as well. One juror described her entry as “head and shoulders above anything else in the contest.” H.E.R.E. Brooke is here!

But it’s not going to be a walk in the park.

Janice Mangion finished in second with her Maltese-language song “Kewkba”. Her poignant and powerful ballad was enough to capture the attention of our readers, much like the way she captured the attention of the audience at our Wiwi Jam in Valletta during Junior Eurovision in 2016.

Readers appear to be on par with the Wiwi Jury on this one too. The Wiwi Jury ranked Janice second out of the field of sixteen, with one juror saying: “She manages to show vulnerability and fragility amid all the big notes, making this touching ballad all the more touching.”

Rounding out the top three in our fan poll is Malta Eurovision Song Contest veteran Claudia Faniello.

Her country-esque ballad “Breathlessly” fared very well with our readers, receiving 298 votes. On the flip side, she only managed to rank twelfth out of the sixteen artists with the Wiwi Jury. Hopefully the live delivery will translate into votes in the live show. We know she can sing very well indeed.


1. Brooke Borg with “Unstoppable” – 24.5% (872 votes)

2. Janice Mangion with “Kewkba” – 13.1% (468 votes)

3. Claudia Faniello with “Breathlessly” – 8.4% (298 votes)

4. Kevin Borg with “Follow” – 8.1% (287 votes)

5. Maxine Pace with “Bombshell” – 7.2% (256 votes)

6. Rhiannon with “Fearless” – 5.9% (211 votes)

7. Richard Edwards with “You” – 4.9% (174 votes)

8. Jade Vella with “Seconds Away” – 4.3% (152 votes)

9. Franklin Calleja with “Follow You” – 3.8% (136 votes)

10. Deborah C & Josef Tabone with “Tonight” – 3.8% (134 votes)

11. Shauna Vassallo with “Crazy Games” – 3.2% (114 votes)

12. Cherton Caruana with “Fighting to Survive” – 3.1% (111 votes)

13. Raquela Dalli Gonzi with “Ray of Light” – 2.9% (105 votes)

14. Crosswalk with “So Simple” – 2.6% (91 votes)

15. Miriana Conte with “Don’t Look Down” – 2.3% (82 votes)

16. Klinsmann Coleiro with “Laserlight” – 2.1% (74 votes)