Poland: Kasia Mos wins Krajowe Eliminacje 2017 with “Flashlight”

Last year Poland climbed all the way to third place in the televote at Eurovision — and they’re definitely hungry to go two better.

On Saturday, during the final of Krajowe Eliminacje 2017, the country crowned Kasia Mos its winner with her song “Flashlight”. Next stop? Eurovision 2017 in Kyiv!

Standing centre stage in a translucent, floor-sweeping skirt and matching Bardot-style top, Kasia embodied blonde bombshell. But this bombshell proved she’s not just a pretty face, nailing note after note and demonstrating the grit in her voice. The live performance gave the song much more texture than the studio version. Showing off her power and adding just the right amount of edge, she almost sounded like a rocker doing opera — albeit with a lot more class.

Kasia should look familiar to those of you who watched last year’s Polish selection. With her song “Addiction” she placed sixth.

Watch: Kasia Mos’ winning “Flashlight” performance


Unlike in previous years, Krajowe Eliminacje 2017 included a 50-50 jury-televote split. A jury formed of the opera singer Alice Wegorzewska, singers María Sadowska and Robert Janowski, musician Wlodek Pawlik and composer Krzesimir Debski cast their expert opinions. Power to the people (but to the music professionals too).

Each jury member ranked all of the songs from 1 to 10, awarding 10 points to their favourite, 9 to the second and so on. The televoting followed the same system, ranking each act from 1 to 10. The fan favourite received 10 points, the second 9 points and so on until the last-place contestant, who received 1 point.

Fan favourite Kasia wins

The Polish jury ranked Kasia first — a result that will please our readers.

Ahead of the contest, Kasia topped our fan poll when we asked our readers for their Krajowe Eliminacje 2017 favourites.

The Wiwi Jury — our in-house panel of music unprofessionals — placed Kasia in sixth, but plenty of jurors had kind words. wiwiblogger Jason said:

Poland has done relatively well since its return in 2014, but it is high time that the country went all out for the win. “Addiction” was one of the good entries in the national final last year, but the mysterious “Flashlight” is even better. Dark, tense and current, this song is one of many throughout this year’s selections that suffer from the Jamala effect. However, Kasia Mos is a stellar performer and will undoubtedly serve drama and perfect vocals on the night. One to watch.

Polish televoters only ranked Kasia second, instead awarding their top marks to Carmell with her song “Faces”.

Ahead of the competition she won over plenty of fans on wiwibloggs, with our editor William writing:

Her atmospheric entry “Faces” creates a delightful and enchanting atmosphere that moves from light and airy to strong and powerful. The production is soothing but has drive. Best of all, it showcases her soothing voice which is sweeter than caramel on an ice cream sundae. Delish.

Our reaction to the 10 competing songs

Are you happy with the results? Do you think Poland will make its fourth straight trip to the Grand Final? Who were your favourites? Let us know in the comments below!