Poll results: Kasia Mos should win Poland’s Krajowe Eliminacje 2017

Since their return to Eurovision in 2014, Poland have yet to fail to qualify for the grand final. Tonight, at Krajowe Eliminacje 2017, they hope to find the act to make it four in a row. We asked y’all who you wanted to see win the national final and be Poland’s act for Kyiv. With a huge 3,688 votes cast in total, you chose Kasia Mos as your favourite, with her song “Flashlight”!

Kasia is a face that will be familiar to those who watched Poland’s selection last year. Her song “Addiction” proved to be a favourite going in to the show. She even capitalised on her appearance at last year’s selection by posing in Playboy. Now she’s back with “Flashlight” and clearly, y’all are loving her again. She received 966 votes, just over 26% of the total.

That puts Kasia just clear of second placed Isbaell Otrebus-Larsson, who received 846 votes in total. Isabell’s song “Voiceless” was written in part by Swedish mainstay, Frederik Kempe. Isabell herself is of mixed Polish/Swedish descent. Will having the support of a whole other country sway Poland to send Isabell to Kyiv?

Third place goes to Lanberry, with the song “Only Human”. The song’s choice initially proved controversial, as the Polish language version of the song was released in August 2016 — before the cut-off date for Eurovision 2017 songs. TVP have said the song would be eligible for Eurovision, however, and it doesn’t seem to have put many of you off. She received just over 20% of the vote, with 764 of you choosing her.

The top three were well clear of any other act as well. Last year, y’all chose Margaret, Edyta Gorniak and Michal Szpak as the top three in our poll — they were the top three on the night, as well. Does that mean it’ll be one of these three ladies heading to Kyiv?

Krajowe Eliminacje 2017 — Our Reactions

Poll Results: Who should win Poland’s Krajowe Eliminacje 2017?

  1. Kasia Mos — “Flashlight”: 26.19% (966 votes)
  2. Isabell Otrebus-Larsson — “Voiceless”: 22.94% (846 votes)
  3. Lanberry — “Only Human”: 20.72% (764 votes)
  4. Carmell — “Faces”: 11.14% (411 votes)
  5. Agata Nizinsa — “Reason”: 6.45% (238 votes)
  6. Aneta Sablik — “Ulalala”: 4.15% (153 votes)
  7. Martin Fitch — “Fight For Us”: 3.61% (133 votes)
  8. Paulla — “Chce tam z Toba by”: 2.68% (99 votes)
  9. Rafal Brzozowski — “Sky Over Europa”: 1.19% (44 votes)
  10. Olaf Bressa — “You Look Good”: 0.92% (34 votes)

Total Votes Cast: 3,688

Michal Szpak will return to the national final tonight to perform once more. We’ll also see a performance from Poland’s Junior Eurovision 2016 entry, Olivia Wieczorek. You can watch the event live tonight from 20:30 CET on TVP’s live stream.

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