Super Saturday Part II: Eight national selections you can watch tonight (schedule and livestream)

The hunt for Eurovision 2017 entries continues tonight as eight countries stage national selection shows. Five of them — Ukraine, Sweden, Estonia, Lithuania and Slovenia — will conduct semi-finals, while three countries — Hungary, Malta and Poland — will each present their lucky winners with tickets to Kyiv. Grab a stiff drink and login to Twitter: Super Saturday Part II is on!

National selections schedule: 18 February 2017

Ukraine: National selection 2017 semifinal 3 (18:00 CET)

The third semifinal of the Ukrainian national selection will kick off tonight at 18:00 CET.

Eight artists will compete for the remaining two spots in next week’s final. A jury panel and a public vote will determine who advances and who exits stage left for the last time. Once again Eurovision 2016 winner Jamala will be sitting in the judge’s seat alongside Andriy Danylko — the male persona of famed drag queen Verka Serduchka — and Ukrainian music producer Konstantin Meladze. And they’ll be drinking Pepsi, which has gone very big on the product placement this year.

It has been rumoured that Manel Navarro, who was controversially chosen to represent Spain in this year’s Eurovision Song Contest, will perform as the interval act. We hope he gets a warmer greeting abroad than he received at home.

End time: 20:30 CET

Second part: 21:30 – 21:50 CET

Third part: 22:00 – 00:20 CET

Live stream: UA:Pershy Live

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Hungary: A Dal 2017 final (19:30 CET)

After a little more than a month, Hungary will finally select their act. In the beginning there were 32. Now the last ten still standing will compete for the trophy, including the 2014 Hungarian representative Kállay Saunders.

The winner will be determined after two rounds of voting. First the jury, consisting of four members, will choose the top four acts. Those four will proceed to the second round of voting, in which the results of the televote will be factored in. Clearly producers don’t want to overwhelm the televoters with choice, so will present them with a finely curated shortlist.

According to both our jury and our readers, Gabi Tóth — also known as TOTOVA, who performs as part of Gabi Tóth & Freddie Shuman feat. Begi Lotfi — should win it all. Her unique brand of Hungarian ethno-pop has clearly gone down a storm. But Jamala called and she wants her LED tree back.

End time: 22:07 CET

Live stream: Duna World Live

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Lithuania: Eurovizijos atranka 2017 Heat 7 (20:00 CET)

The previous six heats of Eurovizijos atranka 2017 gave us the sixteen best acts that will compete in Heat 7 and Heat 8. Or at least they were meant to! Thankfully this week’s eight performers include Sasha Song, who represented Lithuania at the Eurovision Song Contest 2009, so expect fan girls and boys to go gaga.

The future semifinalists will be decided by a combination of jury and public votes.

End time 21:50 CET

Live stream LRT Lituanica Live

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Slovenia: EMA 2017 semifinal 2 (20:00 CET)

Yesterday Slovenia picked their first four finalists of EMA 2017, and tonight we will see who will join them. Candidates include former The Voice U.S. competitor Duncan Kamakana, in a duet with Kataya, and Clemens, who replaced Maja Keuc, aka Amaya.

The four acts that will progress to the final will be determined by televote. The professional jury will subsequently select another two acts from both semifinals that will also compete in the last stage of the contest.

End time: 21:50 CET

Live stream: TVS1 Live

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Sweden: Melodifestivalen 2017 semifinal 3 (20:00 CET)

The Melodifestivalen saga continues tonight with its third and penultimate semifinal, which will be held at Vida Arena in Växjö. Seven acts will fight for the two spots in the final and two spots in the Andra Chansen round.

Like in the previous two semifinals, the results will be determined solely by televote. The first five acts will proceed to the second round of voting, after which the names of the direct finalists and those that will compete in Andra Chansen will be read out.

According to your votes Krista Siegfrids is the semi-final 3 act you are most excited about and also the one that should win it and go directly to the final. Sadly she came last in the audience poll held last night after the dress rehearsal.

End time: 21:30 CET

Live stream: SVT Play

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Poland: Krajowe Eliminacje 2017 final (20:30 CET)

After an impressive result last year by Michal Szpak, Poland will be vying to repeat that feat. Ten acts are contending for the title, including Martin Fitch, who represented Poland at the Eurovision Song Contest 2010 as Marcin Mrzonski. Perhaps more importantly, he finished as second runner-up in our poll for Eurovision’s Next Top Male Model that same year. Get it, boy.

The winner of Krajowe Eliminacje will be determined by the professional jury and public vote. According to our readers, Kasia Mos is the favourite for the trophy. She’s serving voice. She’s serving body. Will she serve a stellar live performance?

End time: 22:20 CET

Live stream: TVP Live Stream

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Estonia: Eesti Laul semifinal 2 (20:35 CET)

The second semifinal of Eesti Laul starts tonight at 20:35 CET. Ten acts will compete for the remaining five spots in the final, which will take place the next week on 4 March. One of those acts will be Kerli, a former Dancing with the Stars alumna who has already had two #1 hits on the US Billboard Hot Dance Club Songs chart.

The results will be decided by a combination of votes from a jury panel and televote, and will be announced through two rounds.

End time: 22:25 CET

Live stream: ETV or ETV Eesti Laul

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Malta: Malta Eurovision Song Contest 2017 final (21:00 CET)

Malta’s national final takes place tonight at 21:00 CET. This year sees a slew of contemporary songs, which is a welcome change of pace for a competition that, in the past, has featured endless ballads. Sixteen acts will have to convince the public that they are the one that deserves to wave the flag for Malta in Kyiv. For the first time, the winner will be determined by televote only. Power to the people!

Brooke Borg’s “Unstoppable” is both our jury’s and our readers’ favourite for victory. But Janice Mangion and Maxine Pace remain big contenders, particularly if they can slay their songs live.

End time: 00:00 CET

Live stream: TVM Live

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