Poll: Who should win the final of Latvia’s Supernova 2017?

On Sunday, February 26, Latvia will choose its next Eurovision hopeful in the final of Supernova 2017. Of course, there’s no pressure at all on the winner: Supernova has, after all, led to a 100% qualification rate for Latvia. Of course, Latvia still like to flirt with their “oddball” choices — let’s remember that Catalepsia were second last year.

But we want to know who y’all think should be the successor to Justs and Aminata. You can find all four songs and a little bit about each act so far below. Then, you can go vote in our poll. Results will be announced shortly before the final of Supernova on Sunday.

Supernova 2017 — Finalists

The Ludvig — “I’m In Love With You”

The Ludvig’s progression in Supernova 2017 is a topic of much debate. He’s been saved by the jury in both the second heat and the semi final, despite what looks to be a good amount of streams on Spotify. The catch is that the jury has pointed out their belief that some of these streams may be fake, no doubt passed along by LTV and Spotify themselves.

At no point has Ludvig been accused of being behind this “cheating”, as it were, though. Still, it has mostly overshadowed the 16 year old’s song and performances, which have been consistent throughout the show.

My Radiant You — “All I Know”

After winning over many fans from their performance at Supernova 2016, My Radiant You have continued to look strong going in to this week’s final. They won both public and jury vote in the second heat, then advanced to the final on the public vote in the semi-final.

The song definitely comes to life on stage, with Janis and Ilze having honed their craft from last year. They topped our semi-final poll, but will they do it again at this stage?

Santa Danelevica — “Your Breath”

Perhaps the most surprising inclusion in the final, Santa has impressed whilst staying under the radar so far. The jury has saved her in both the heat and semi-final, but her performances have definitely merited those decisions.

Before the contest, the Wiwi Jury viewed “Your Breath” as “confusing” several times over. On stage though, the performance comes together and Santa stands out. Could she keep her run going and make it all the way to Eurovision?

Triana Park — “Line”

Are Triana Park the favourites for the final? After winning the semi-final, they must be seen as one of the top choices, with the public also putting them through in the second heat. The group have been trying to go to Eurovision on-and-off since 2008 — is it finally their year?

“Line” would certainly stand out amongst the songs selected for Eurovision so far. Lead singer Agnese also busts out some serious dance moves during the performance. Is it your favourite though?

Those are the four songs: now, it’s time for y’all to have your say. Vote in our poll below, but remember the rules. You can choose as many of the four songs as you’d like, but you can only vote once. Make that vote count!

Poll: Who should win Supernova 2017?

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