Austria: Nathan Trent’s Eurovision 2017 song “Running on Air” leaks on Spotify

Austria’s entry for Eurovision 2017 wasn’t due to be released until Tuesday morning. But Nathan Trent‘s song “Running On Air” has now appeared on Spotify — and the good news is it’s not another ballad.

Note: The song may not be available in all countries.

“Running on Air” begins with a simple accompaniment of clean guitar and finger snaps. It slowly builds with more instruments coming in.

The song has a simple folky, slightly soul feeling to it. Nathan Trent cites Justin Timberlake as an influence, and it’s clear to hear a JT flavour coming through, though with a more folky feeling to it.

The good news for Austria is that so far there are no songs in Eurovision 2017 in this style. In a year that’s full of dramatic ballads, there’s a chance that the more upbeat and stripped-back “Running on Air” could stand out.

The lyrics are positive and uplifting. Nathan sings of the experiences, struggles and support he has had in live, and how he’ll always “keep running, I won’t stop”. It’s a song of perseverance, of keeping going no matter what happens in life.

Nathan even has a few chances to show off his voice, with one especially big glory note at the end.

“Running on Air” clocks in at 2:48, significantly shorter than most Eurovision songs that get in as close to the three-minute mark as possible. Last year Douwe Bob’s “Slow Down” was two seconds slower, coming in at 2:46, though he extended it with a long pause as part of the staging.

The song was intended to be released on Tuesday morning, as part of the morning show of Austrian radio station Ö3. It’s not known whether this debut will still take place.

National broadcaster OR internally selected the 24-year-old newcomer as Austria’s act for Kyiv. Trent’s song — which was self-written — impressed the broadcaster which led them to select him for Kyiv.

What do you think of Nathan Trent’s song? Can “Running on Air” get Austria into the grand final again? Share your thoughts below!