The Voice of Russia winner Darya Antoyuk is Channel One’s favourite for Eurovision 2017

In recent days a flurry of countries have chosen their songs and artists for the Eurovision Song Contest in Kyiv. Many more countries — including Cyprus, Croatia and the Netherlands — have set dates to reveal their Eurovision 2017 songs.

Yet one country that’s remained tight-lipped and shrouded in secrecy also happens to be one of the most talked-about every year: Russia.

The radio silence has left some fans worrying what’s going on. Last year Russia confirmed that Sergey Lazarev would represent Russia on December 11. His music video was released on March 5.  But not to worry: His predecessor, Polina Gagarina, was confirmed as the 2015 representative on March 9 and we got to hear the song less than a week later on March 15. In both instances Russia revealed their actual songs in March — so well after the time of writing this article.

There has been plenty of speculation to keep Eurovision fans guessing.

Back in November  rumours swirled that Nargiz may sing for Russia in Kyiv, which was followed by the fake confirmation that Alexander Panayotov had secured the gig. Then came more speculation following the announcement of the Russian shortlist. It included Alexander, ex-Serebro member Elena Temnikova, Soprano Turetskogo, Nyusha and Darya Antoyuk.

Darya Antoyuk for Eurovision 2017?

And today the source has revealed that Darya, the winner of the latest edition of The Voice of Russia, is the favourite to sing at Eurovision. claims that Channel One has given preference to 21-year-old, but official sources say that there won’t be any comments before the final decision is made.

Daria won the fifth season of the series, cementing her place in the minds of millions. She is currently studying at one of the main universities devoted to theatre in Moscow, so would no doubt bring the drama to Kyiv.

Back in February she confirmed that the shortlist mentioned above is official and said she was happy to be a part of it. During a press conference held for participants of The Voice, she said that officials were choosing a suitable song and that the representative would be revealed later in the month. Writing on her Instagram page at the time, she also asked her fans to get behind her and to vote for her as a favourite on various web sites. Youth does not curtail ambition.

But since then Darya has been on The Voice tour and hasn’t made any further statements. So we’re all left guessing about the status of things.

Who do you want to represent Russia in Kyiv? Can you live with Darya? Let us know in the comments box below!

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