Demy reveals Eurovision song titles…as Sergey Lazarev and Ani Lorak express their support

For months hype has been building around her bid to win Eurovision 2017. And on Tuesday the buzz surrounding Greek pop star Demy reached fever pitch as Greek broadcaster ERT revealed her three potential song titles and details about the show.

Demy — full name Dimitra Papadea — will sing her three songs during “Vote For The Song” — a nationally televised selection contest on March 6 at 21:00 CET. You can watch the trailer for the show below.

Demy’s song titles

During the show the audience will watch video clips of the three songs, which legendary Greek composer Dimitris Kontopoulos has arranged for Demy. All three videos were filmed in Odessa. The three songs are:

  1. “When the Morning Comes Around” — with lyrics by John Ballard
  2. “Angels” — with lyrics by Demy’s sister Romy Papadea
  3. “This is love” — with lyrics by John Ballard and Romy Papadea

Ballard should ring a bell. The Scottish songwriter and producer worked on Ace of Base’s first three albums, and co-wrote Farid Mammadov’s “Hold Me”, The Tolmachevy Sisters’ “Shine” and Sergey Lazarev’s “You Are The Only One”. Now that is a strong track record!

Sergey Lazarev and Ani Lorak approve

We’ve done a bit of digging on Instagram and Demy has some big fans behind her.

Sources close to composer Dimitris tell us that only a handful of people have had the opportunity to listen to all three songs. Chief among them are Eurovision stars Ani Lorak and Sergey Lazarev.

On February 16 the “Shady Lady” singer posted a photo of herself in the recording studio with Dimitris.

“It’s always great to record new songs and it is even better when you do that with good friends like @dimitriskontopoulos,” she wrote in the caption.

“I also had the chance to listen to the three songs that Demy will sing for the Greek Eurovision entry. Three very good songs but one of them I really LOVE!”

She’s not alone in her enthusiasm.

On Valentine’s Day Sergey — perhaps our favourite Russian Eurovision act ever — shared a photo of himself enjoying Demy’s three options.

“With my dear friend Dimitris Kontopoulos, famous Greek composer who wrote ‘You Are The Only One’ for Eurovision 2016.”

“This year his song will be performed at Eurovision by amazing and beautiful singer Demy, who will represent Greece! Tonight I had the chance to listen to her three candidate songs. And Dimitris as always amazed me. I will definitely vote for Greece this year.”

Dimitris’ song will be staged by Fokas Evangelinos. This “dream team” was also behind Sergey Lazarev’s “You Are the Only One”, and many other iconic Eurovision performances including Ani’s “Shady Lady”. Fans are expecting this will put Greece back in the grand final, after last year’s shock non-qualification.

So, are you excited? Have Ani and Sergey sufficiently hyped the song? Can Demy live up to growing expectations? Let us know in the comments box below.