Lithuania: Greta Zazza and Aiste Pilvelyte among finalists of Eurovizijos atranka 2017

We’re just one step away from finding out Lithuania’s Eurovision 2017 representative as we’ve reached the semi-final of their national selection marathon Eurovizijos atranka 2017. Tonight’s eight semi-finalists sang their entries and as usual, the Lithuanian and international juries made their decisions alongside the televoters.

Only six can advance to next week’s final. Sadly, history won’t be repeating itself for Lithuania’s 2009 Eurovision representative Sasha Song, as he fell at the final hurdle alongside last year’s finalist Ieva Zasimauskaite. Fusedmarc confirmed their place in the final as tonight’s semi-final winner and will be joined by Aiste Pilvelyte, Gabrielius Vagelis, Kotryna Juodzeviciute, Paula and Greta Zazza. Congratulations!

Eurovizijos atranka 2017 – semi-final running order

Sasha Song – “Never Felt Like This Before”

Ieva Zasimauskaite – “You Saved Me”

Paula – “Let U Go”

Aiste Pilvelyte – “I’m Like a Wolf”

Kotryna Juodzeviciute – “Love Shadow”

Fusedmarc – “Rain of Revolution”

Gabrielius Vagelis – “Feel Myself Free”

Greta Zazza – “Like I Love You”

Semi-final results

Once again, the international juries had their say on tonight’s eight semi-finalists. William Wells from the United States, the UK’s Denis Ingoldsby and Sweden’s Sacha Jean-Baptiste all returned to give their points, which count towards 50% of the overall jury votes. They were then combined with the other 50% from the Lithuanian juries.

Lithuanian jury results

International jury results

Combined jury results

Televoting results

Combined results

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Photo: V. Radžiuno (LRT)