Armenia: Aram MP3 and Iveta Mukuchyan join forces on “Dashterov”

He’s a multi-talented entertainer who took Armenia all the way to fourth place in 2014. And she’s a leggy songstress who brought the country back to the top ten in 2016.

Now, Aram MP3 and Iveta Mukuchyan have joined forces to release “Dashterov” — that’s “Fields” in English.

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The track sees the Depi Evratesil judging duo sing about chasing love across fields, mountains, valleys and canyons. Wherever love goes, they will follow — and we’ll be right behind them.

The chorus translates as:

Fields, hills, valleys, I am coming to you
My heart is growing impatient
Fields, hills, valleys, to find my love
Come home my soul
Fields, hills, valleys, I am coming to you
You are on my mind
Fields, hills, valleys, to find my love
Put an end to my torture

There’s no signs of “Not Alone” or “LoveWave” here — all sense of seriousness is thrown out the window as the pair serve up a dance-friendly bop.

The music video features Iveta and Aram dressed in matching threads, feeling the beat. The quirky production comes packed with cattle, milk and folk with TVs for heads.

Iveta even channels Poland’s Eurovision 2014 performance as she picks up a washboard and gets to work. We’re not quite sure what’s going on at times but the video perfectly complements the song’s eccentric nature.

Aram MP3 and Iveta Mukuchyan “Dashterov” (Official Music Video)

“Dashterov” is an excellent collaboration by two artists who continue to show off their versatility. It bears little resemblance to either Iveta or Aram’s most recent singles, “Amena” and “Asa” respectively.

Their talents match each other nicely and they serve up a song that’s brimming with energy.

Iveta Mukuchyan talks about Aram MP3 in London

We first learned of Iveta and Aram’s collaboration back in July. At London’s Armenian Street Festival, she exclusively told our William that the pair were working together.

“We’re good friends and we always see each other in the studio and he’s coming with new songs and I’m telling him, ‘This is good and not good’ and he’s giving me advice…I’ve still got songs from Aram Mp3 that I really want to write the lyrics for.”

Half a year later, we have “Dashterov”.

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