Russia: Eurovision 2007 girl group Serebro drop “Proidet”

They’re the Russian girl band with a revolving line-up that would put the Sugababes to shame. But when it comes to Serebro, one thing remains constant — the group’s hit rate.

Earlier this spring, the Eurovision 2007 third place finishers released their latest single “Proidet”.

It’s a pleasant track, similar to much of their existing back catalogue. (And sorry, no sexually charged video to go with the song — yet.)

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And while “Proidet” is perfectly fine, it quickly fades into the background. Try to focus on the track and you’ll find yourself drifting off to something else, anything else. It’s as if they’re not even trying to grab your attention.

But as background music, say while eating dinner, it’s great and doesn’t intrude on your thoughts or conversation at all.

By this measure it is disappointing. Serebro’s hits usually reach out and grab you by the earlobes.

Hopefully this is an anomaly and their next release will return to what we expect — a compelling song with a visually pleasing video.

Maybe it’s a language thing. Sung entirely in Russian, the song is already charting high on the local iTunes chart.

Serebro Proidet (Official Audio)

Serebro — a history

Serebro were created by music mogul Maxim Fadeev. While they don’t have quite the churn rate of Via Gra, they have had seven members over the last ten years, usually with three members but at times four..

Initially centred around Elena Temnikova, Marina Lizorkina and Olga Seryabkina were added to round out the group.

Created for the express purpose of participating at Eurovision 2007, they went on to secure a very respectable third place for Russia with “Song #1” (we’re still waiting for “Song #2”).

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