DISCUSS: Did O’G3NE’s live performance change your opinion of “Lights And Shadows”?

They unveiled their Eurovision 2017 song “Lights And Shadows” through a Facebook live broadcast on Friday morning, drawing endless comparisons to Wilson Phillips.

And by Friday evening The Netherlands’ O’G3NE were already on the promo trail, hoping to prove that they aren’t the next incarnation of the 90s American singing group, but instead the first and only incarnation of O’G3NE.

They did so by making a high-profile appearance on popular Dutch talk show RTL Late Night, where they wowed the show’s panel of guests and viewers at home with their pitch perfect harmonies. 


Say what you like, but Lisa, Amy and Shelley were born to slay.

Where some acts arrive at Eurovision as amateurs, these girls are already professionals. Starting out in shades of blue, the sisters had lyrics of the song projected across them and brought the whole piece together with killer harmonies.

The strongest segment by far is the middle 8, as the group whip out the stadium hand-clip and synchronised finger-wagging to full effect.

This performance really showed OG’3NE’s key selling point: Their voices. And when you have voices like that, you don’t need a pyro-shower or LED screen behind you.

O’G3NE: “Lights And Shadows” reaction

You’ve been asking us on our YouTube channel to react to OG’3NE, so wiwibloggers William and Chris sat down with wiwibloggs’ Dutch correspondent Denise to air their thoughts on the sisters and how “Lights And Shadows” will do at Eurovision.

In their minds the live performance really helped elevate their opinion of the song, which perhaps sounds a bit too tuned-to-perfection in the official music video. It’s with the girls’ live voices that the emotion and power really come through.

The sisters go into battle for the Netherlands on May 11 during Semi-Final 2. Drawn in the first half, “Lights And Shadows” will be up against stiff competition from regular qualifiers Hungary, Romania, Russia, Estonia and Lithuania.

Last year, Douwe Bob cruised into the final with his Nashville-tinged track “Slow Down” and brought Stockholm to a standstill with a ten-second silence during his performance. The silence didn’t do him any harm, however: He cruised to the grand final from his semi and placed 11th overall at the final of Eurovision 2016.

What do you make of the live performance? Has it elevated “Lights And Shadows” or do you think the Netherlands are out of the race? Let us know in the comments below!