Germany’s Levina performs acoustic version of “Perfect Life” — giving hope for Eurovision revamp

In February Germans fell in love with her at their national final Unser Song 2017.

And last week Levina gave her fans even more reason to feel enthusiastic as she released an acoustic version of her winning entry “Perfect Life”. Stripped back and stirring, it shows off her instantly recognisable vocals and offers further proof that Germany chose the right artist.

The blonde bombshell is temporarily living in London, but the clip unfolds in her other hometown: Berlin. While walking along the so-called Spreeufer, she seems completely at ease as she belts it out while accompanied by a guitarist. Judging from his facial expressions, he’s feeling it too…

Levina worked with the relatively unknown German producers HNDGMCHT on this version and together they’ve drawn quite a bit of attention. Many are already suggesting that this is much stronger than Levina’s original version of the song. Among the many reasons is that the references to David Guetta’s “Titanium” have been completely removed here.

It’s difficult to say if a stripped-down version like that could make an impact on the big stage in Ukraine. But maybe the German broadcaster should consider taking elements of this for the final Eurovision version.

Revamping the song is a BIG topic this year in Germany. Following high hopes for the revamped Eurovision selection, many fans were disappointed by the quality of the songs — especially the winning entry “Perfect Life”. Fans were underwhelmed by the lack of originality and they also criticised the songwriters for blatantly taking inspiration from David Guetta and Sia’s “Titanium”.

NDR, the German broadcaster, has remained silent about a potential revamp thus far. The only official information comes from programme manager Thomas Schreiber. Right after Levina’s victory he told the press that they will “think about” a new version and that there will be many discussions about which instrumental version they will submit to the EBU.

Levina’s music video for “Perfect Life” features the version from the national final. But there’s still hope for a revamp: Levina recently posted a picture on Facebook where we can see her in the studio. Does that mean she was recording tweaks?

Studio day 🎶

Posted by Levina Music on Thursday, March 2, 2017

Only time will tell if NDR realises the importance of revamping the German entry. Soon we’ll find out if they managed to make “Perfect Life” more original, more powerful and more memorable in general. So make sure to stay tuned!

Do you think the acoustic version is a step in the right direction? Would you like Levina to revamp her song for Eurovision? Or do you think “Perfect Life” is already a perfect song? Let us know in the comments below.