Israel: Imri Ziv’s “I Feel Alive” leaks online ahead of official song reveal

He planned to make Eurovision fans move on Thursday evening with the reveal of his Eurovision 2017 song during a special broadcast on Israel’s IBA.

But on Thursday afternoon Imri Ziv‘s banger “I Feel Alive” leaked online, getting Europe moving a few hours earlier. You can listen to Israel’s Eurovision 2017 song here.

As expected, Imri has gone with an upbeat and uplifting song with Oriental / Mizrachi touches. But this is much more than a regional song. The contemporary production builds beautifully, melding Middle Eastern flavour with on-trend electro sounds. Its Israeli flair — which worked very well for Nadav Guedj — will stand out in a year heavy on ballads and mid-tempo songs, suggesting that Israel stands a good shot of making the Top 10.

Thematically the song sees Imri drawn to someone who always leaves him feeling broken — but also alive. As he says: “Breaking me to pieces, I want you to know every piece broke from you…” That tension plays out well in the music, which is at once tense but invigorating. “I Feel Alive” gives us life!

In the past we’ve expressed concern that Imri feels somewhat guarded on stage. This song — with its heavy beat and infectious dance sound — should help him break free from his shell. The thumping sounds and raucous instrumentation will also help mask any shortcomings in Imri’s vocals.

The video, which we suspect was funded partly by the Tel Aviv tourist board, showcases the romance and beauty of sun-soaked Israel. We see Imri cruising in a car as beautiful young people walk from beach to city to bar. In a nod to his Eurovision experience we even see Imri sitting at a bar and watching footage of Nadav Guedj and Hovi Star, and a reel of him competing on The Next Star for Eurovision.

Imri’s “I Feel Alive”

Following Imri’s victory on “The Next Star for Eurovision 2017”, IBA convened a special committee with members of the IBA, Keshet Broadcasting and the IPBC. They received dozens of songs from a wide array of songwriters but ultimately went with “I Feel Alive”. Apparently it was giving them life too.

The song comes from Israeli songwriters Dolev Ram and Penn Hazut, who have previously worked with some of Israel’s most prominent artists, including Sarit Hadad, Eyal Golan, Eden Ben Zaken and Noa Kirel.

What do you think of Imri’s song? Does it make you move? Do you think Israel is headed to the Top 10? Let us know in the comments box below.

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