From Turkey to Syria: Armenia’s Sirusho traces her history on “Der Zor”

She’s the shimmying “Qélé Qélé” singer who took Armenia all the way to fourth place at Eurovision 2008.

And late last year, Sirusho reminded us that she’s much more than than a dance diva with the release of her Armat album. Now she’s dropped the latest cut from the LP — “Der Zor”.

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Just like she did on her 2016 single “Mi Togh Indz Menak“, Sirusho sings of the Armenian Genocide — Der Zor being a city in Syria.

When you hear the song, you can feel the Armenian soul sweep over your body. Sung in a mixture of Armenian and English, the track’s tragic story is clear for all to understand.

Sometimes I think I can hear the crying of a million souls
I hear the heartbeat of a nation lost in deserts of Der Zor
I left my home far away
In a desert far away… (Dle Yaman)… A girl sings

I’ve walked the silent road of terror, I’ve seen rivers full of pain
The roads of nowhere was the only path that I was forced to take
I left my home far away
In a desert far away

This time, Sirusho really is delivering something new and brave. She and her team crossed the border and went to a Turkish city called Kars, shooting the music video in Ani. Given the geopolitical climate in the region, that was something completely unexpected.

The video begins in a school garden in LA. Sirusho looks at pictures of the ruins of Ani and moves forward. She reflects on the past and the pain which happened near the border of Turkey and Armenia. “My grandfather told me not to forget my past, my home and my Armenian name”, she says.

Sirusho Der Zor (Official Music video)

And that’s not all. Sirusho kept all the behind-the-scenes footage from the “Der Zor” video clip, and used it to create a special documentary, also called Der Zor. You can watch it below.

Sirusho Der Zor (Documentary)

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Photo: Screenshots via Sirusho/YouTube


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