Montenegro’s Slavko Kalezic is ready to blow in his Eurovision 2017 song “Space”

He’s one of the most original and outré performers of the year, known for his outlandish performances and extreme creativity.

And Montenegro’s Slavko Kalezic has poured all of those attributes into his Eurovision 2017 song “Space” and its skin-tillating music video.

A dance floor banger with strong disco influences, “Space” has enough energy to power a rocket out of this world — and to drive the heated sexual innuendo present throughout the song. He takes us on a funk-pop journey through his wildest dreams. And let’s just say they are very wild.

As he sings: “Wet dreams, wild nightmares, I surrender, come in to me from within, we can be as one in the sin. The spaceship is ready to blow, drunk in love, I’m gonna explode.”

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Well, kaboom.

The music video is avant-garde art, taking us from the cosmos to a rocky, mysterious setting that looks straight out of Game of Thrones. At various points we see Slavko voguing in front of a spotlight, on a rock and against a metal cage, and wearing a series of bold outfits which include a floor-sweeping blue skirt, a pair of spray-on black trousers and leather pants.

Notice we never mentioned a shirt. All the while Slavko puts on a pec-tacular display, showing off his gym-honed body and abs of steel while popping and locking and letting there be no doubt that he does squats.

When he isn’t wearing a crown — which he does at one point — this king of our hearts flicks and flings his extra-long braid, which harks back to warrior traditions found in many ancient cultures.

Let’s just say whipping your hair back isn’t a phenomenon limited to Willow Smith.

In February Slavko revealed that he had worked on the song with legendary Eurovision composer Stefan Örn, who is known for writing several very successful entries for Azerbaijan — including the Eurovision 2011 winner “Running Scared”.

“Working with Stefan Örn was really amazing,” he told wiwibloggs in an exclusive interview. “I’m deeply touched by his energy dedicated to me. He couldn’t hide his enthusiasm about my singing and artistic being.”

“We gathered our art and I think we made a little Eurovision masterpiece, which will live on years and years after Eurovision. This is just the beginning of our collaboration and I can’t hardly wait to go back to Sweden.”

“I’m honoured to work with Stefan. He gave me so much beautiful and useful advice.”

What do you think of the song? Is it floating your boat? Do you think it’s Montenegro’s best entry ever? Let us know in the comments box below.

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