France’s Alma reveals Eurovision version of “Requiem” with English chorus

Change is gonna come and it has arrived in France. From the moment we first heard Alma’s “Requiem”, we knew that it was not the official Eurovision version of the song. The French team have been busy working on their revamp, teasing us yesterday with a snippet of the English language chorus.

Well that certainly isn’t the only change, as the official video has now been revealed. There’s some serious edits made to the song here — it’s almost unrecognisable in some parts!

Alma — “Requiem” (Eurovision Version)

The instrumentation has been seriously ramped up and brings the drama. The strings have been removed from parts of the song and implemented elsewhere, particularly after the second chorus.

We initially thought that the English section of the song would be limited to a couple of lines, that’s not the case. Both repetitions of the chorus are almost entirely in English bar the final sentence. Will this help Alma appeal to a wider audience?

Finally, the end of the song is almost completely different. This was something that was pointed out as a potential issue for Alma when performing live. The new version is very similar to the edit we saw when Alma performed in Ukraine. It certainly seems like this suits her better!

What do y’all think of the new version of “Requiem”? Do you think it’s an improvement or should France go back to what they had? Shout out all your thoughts in the wiwibloggs app, or let us know in the comments section below!

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