Melodifestivalen 2017 finalist Nano tells us how he moved ‘from the darkness to the light’

He’s a Melfest newbie who won our hearts with a killer song and a touching back story about moving from prisoner to musician.

And now, despite being a debutant, Nano is one of the favourites to win Melodifestivalen 2017.

Nano, who slayed his way to the final alongside Ace Wilder in semi-final 1,  told wiwiblogger Tobias that he felt “hundreds of feelings at the same time” when he was announced as a direct qualifier.

“I was happy, I felt relieved, I felt like now we can finally start enjoying life, the days, me, my lady and my kids. I felt free.”

Music — and Melodifestivalen — has helped him cement his own confidence in where he is right now.

“I’ve found the meaning of my life,” he says. “From the darkness to the light and to be able to stand and to talk about it today — hopefully it inspires people, and all the love I’m getting… it is amazing.”

We are feeling the motivation, and we were feeling it even more when he spoke about his family.

“I felt so much love and for me my whole life the key to my family is love. I knew when I got kids that I had to give them a lot of love. So that is what I want to spread.”

“Music, that’s positive. Even though I come from a dark background. We all can change, we all can fight, we all can survive it.”

And for him having children is what motivated him to change.

“It must be when I had my first daughter. She is nine years old today, so it was around nine years ago. I started feeling that I had to write music from my heart, I needed to be a role model for her and I knew, before she came, that the day I’m getting a kid is the day I’m gonna start changing.”

“It took time, it took a few years, it doesn’t change overnight as I thought. But now I’ve got four kids, I got a lot of love and I’m doing what I love, so it’s really… it’s like living a dream.”

Despite being a favourite with the bookies, he says he isn’t feeling pressure to win. “I feel more confident and more calm about myself and what I’m doing. It helps me.”

What do you think? Will Nano’s light reach its zenith on Saturday night? Tell us in the comments bellow!

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