Melodifestivalen: Robin Bengtsson wins the final with “I Can’t Go On”

On Saturday — after six weeks of pyro, plenty of crushed dreams and endlessly rising expectations — the final of Melodifestivalen 2017 exploded in grand fashion inside Friends Arena. And from the haze of smoke and 12 fierce songs one act climbed to the very top. Robin Bengtsson has won with “I Can’t Go On”. Next stop? Eurovision 2017 in Kyiv!

Seven former Melodifestivalen finalists competed tonight, including the winner Robin Bengtsson. After finishing fifth in last year’s final, Robin Bengtsson was able to grab the trophy this year amid some surprising jury voting that left many questioning their scandi-pop assumptions.

Robin finished fourth in our poll and in the ranking of the Wiwi Jury. wiwiblogger Ron gave the song 9 out of 10 and commented:

“I Can’t Go On” feels like one of the best songs/performances this year. Robin is proving us once again that he has more than just amazing eyes – he can sing and he can move. The song is well produced and so well directed for TV. And while the choreography is complicated, Robin makes it look effortless. I really enjoyed this performance, including the behind-the-scenes tour. When he sings “With just one look you make me shiver” and “I can’t go on when you look this f*cking beautiful” that’s also what I feel when I watch Robin on stage.

After we saw all the performances, the international juries gave out their points. Each of the eleven juries — from France to Italy to Ukraine — gave points to seven of their favourite songs. Among the spokespersons we some some familiar faces, including Armenia’s latest Eurovision representative Iveta Mukuchyan. The favourite of the international juries was Robin Bengtsson with 96 points, followed by Nano and Mariette.

The Swedish public then had some time to vote after seeing which songs the international juries liked the most. Wiktoria got the second most televote and got 51 points, while the televote winner was Nano with “Hold On” with 57 points. But 50 points from the televoters were enough for Robin to win!

Next to the finalists, we also saw a performance by Swedish superstar Zara Larsson. Shirin also performed by covering last year’s winning entry “If I Were Sorry” together with Swedish folk-rock group Damn! and Frans himself. The three hosts David Lindgren, Clara Henry and Hasse Andersson also opened the show with Damn!.

Melodifestivalen 2017 final: results

Melodifestivalen 2017 final: jury results

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Photo: Stina Stjernkvist/SVT