Whether it was a so-called “wrecking crew”, Sami joiking or country and western you wanted, tonight’s Melodi Grand Prix had it all. But the important thing was for Norway to select its act for Eurovision 2017. After two rounds of voting, Norway will be represented in Kyiv by JOWST with “Grab the Moment”!

JOWST — Grab the Moment

JOWST made it through to the Super Final, where they were victorious over three other songs. The other super-finalists were (in finishing order): Ammunition, Elin & The Woods and Ulrikke.

Ulrikke – Places

Elin & The Woods – “First Step in Faith (Oadjebasvuhti)

Ammunition – “Wrecking Crew”

Tonight’s result was decided in two ways. All ten acts performed first, with the four superfinalists decided by a combined jury and televote. Our own William read out the points for the UK jury!

Those four acts then all performed again, with the public having the final say on the results.

Jury Favourites:

  • Ireland: Ulrikke
  • Armenia: Ulrikke
  • Finland: Ammunition
  • Sweden: JOWST
  • Israel: JOWST
  • Germany: Ulrikke
  • Austria: Ammunition
  • Hungary: JOWST
  • Malta: JOWST
  • United Kingdom: Ella

Melodi Grand Prix 2017 — Running Order

  1. Ulrikke — “Places”
  2. Jenny Augusta — “I Go Where You Go”
  3. Rune Rudberg Band — “Run Run Away”
  4. Jowst — “Grab the Moment”
  5. Kristian Valen — “You and I”
  6. In Fusion — “Nothing Ever Knocked Us Over”
  7. Amina Sewali — “Mesterverk”
  8. Ammunition — “Wrecking Crew”
  9. Elin & The Woods — “First Step in Faith (Oadjebasvuhtii)”
  10. Ella — “Mama’s Boy”

What do you think of Norway’s decision? Do you think they’re heading back to the final after their year out? Shout out your thoughts on the wiwibloggs app or in our comments section!

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You have got an incredible blog here! would you like to make some invite posts on my blog?

Yeah, I know; I’m waaaaay late posting this; but here it goes, the way I saw this contest: 9.388 Elin and the Woods: “First Step In Faith (Oadjebashvutii)”+ I watched this show after MelFest, and after watching Jon Henrik and Aninia finish 3rd, I thought this would fail to reach the super-final. I actually thought she was more convincing than Jon Henrik, and probably because of the way she worked the Sámi lyrics into those jojk verses. Big props for how she closed out her performance. I thought that would seal the deal. Unfortunately, she ended up finishing in the… Read more »

Ella amazed me last night. She killed it on the stage. Still not in top 4? HOW CAN IT BE POSSIBLE?

heja heja
Chris (frostyw)

@Nickc – I agree. There’s only three or four songs I actively dislike, and I’ve rated them accordingly. The rest I’m okay with, like, really like or love. Some of them give me more life than others.


I think Elin and the woods should have won. I have learned that pop music doesnt win, country doesnt win and rock doesnt win. Tradition, history and a culture show wins, havent we in Norway learned from Alexander Rybak? Last year Ukraine won because it was a song about WW2. This song will not stand a chance. ESC is a tactical show, the sami people has a sad history and it would have made me proud if we could use yoik in ESC

WOW. This one is REALLY good. The chorus should be poppier and jive a little more. But the chords are super super interesting in the final verse and the other verses are excellent too. Chorus will probably grow on me. Excellent selection by Norway. However they’re going to possibly have to find some substitute for the DJ work on the vocals because all vocals must be live – unless the DJing is actually live at ESC. It’s not unprecedented to artificially repeat vocals that were sung live, I don’t think. But remember what the female vocalist had to do for… Read more »

I really do not understand the negativity. You guys complain about everything. And I strongly disagree that it is a weak year. For me, there are at least 15 songs that could win with right staging and live performance, including but not limited to, Italy, Belgium, France, Portugal, Sweden, Macedonia, Romania, Albania, Hungary, Belarus, Norway and Azerbaijan. The only songs I dislike are Croatia, Malta, Netherlands and Denmark. But I think overall it is an awesome year!

Lady Gagarina

Hahaha, the Wiwi Jury got it wrong again. Ammunition? Really? A bad 80s hairband song is what you preferred? The 80s are back now, but it’s synth pop not 80s hairband rock. So out of touch & living inside a tasteless bubble, these juries are. The winning song is very contemporary & i like it, very Chainsmokers 😀 They just need to improve on the staging


It’s nowhere near as much fun as Elin and the Woods, but it’s OK.

Roelof Meesters

Ulrikke was my fave, but this is also very nice 🙂
I can see this being borderline, but ONLY tenth place, not higher.

Robyn Gallagher

YoungsterJoey: “How are they going to do those special effects vocals live on stage? Same for Spain’s chorus (since it was pre-recorded background bits).”

“If Love Was a Crime” had sampled high-pitch vocals in the introduction. When it was performed live, they swapped it for a flute line with the same melody.

The rules are very clear about all vocals being live, so Spain and Norway will have to figure out a solution.


It’s an ok song with nothing much happening on the stage. I don’t know how they can stage it better in Kyiv though. At least this actually represents the (tropical) house EDM-pop sound that Norway is known for.


There were only two decent songs out of the bunch, from Ammunition and JOWST. Well, it was a decent choice.

Until now, I am trying to comprehend the hyp on Ella’s song.


I think it was the best possible outcome from the train wreck called Melodi Grand Prix 2017. Now they have a chance to qualify, even top 10.

mamma's boy

i’m upset ellla won’t represent norway but this isn’t too bad i guess.


So bland


I like it. Catchy. Memorable.
Good luck to Norway. They were wronged last year with Icebreaker. That was (and still is) an awesome song.

Purple Mask

I have now watched the winner’s performance. Lyrically this is one of the better songs this year, and the staging is certainly memorable. The music is a bit unmemorable though. It’s nowhere near the dramatic heights of “Monster Like Me (2015)” or “Silent Storm (2014),” but at least it’s better than “Icebreaker (2016).”
Will it qualify for the grand final? My instinct says “no” at the moment (sorry).


I don’ know why people got a problem with it. I like it, I think it’s really good even!
modern, contemporary, inventive staging and very 2017. Probably the best choice for Norway after a disappointing 2016. Don’t think it’s niche at all, should have no problem getting votes from audiences


Really impressed by the live performance.. when I listened to all the studio versions I didnt even notice this but wow.. Norway probably had one of the worst national selections but still managed to make the perfect choice.. good job! Wish Sweden could be represented by something as good as this!


He’s sexy but the song sucks


How are they going to do those special effects vocals live on stage? Same for Spain’s chorus (since it was pre-recorded background bits).

Something about enhancing one’s voice even live on stage seems unfair.


ELLA WAS THE BEST!! Terrible results


Absolutely not. I’m loving it too. I think Norway has made the right choice


Am I the only one who LOVES this song?


Don’t understand the negativity. This song is current, very well staged, very well sung and the best and only choice for Norway.


It’s okay, I didn’t have a favorite in Norway anyway, so…
Borderline qualifier at best, but I think it will/should stay in the semi.


Yas! The only decent song. Stunning production. It sounds 2017. Amazing verses.

Norwegians know they made a huge mistake sending Agnete instead of Freddy Kalas.


yeah idk I don’t really like it
elin and the woods, mesterverk, ulrikke, etc. were all better
also wow jenny augusta had such a good performance

Austrian Ari

Oh dear. This won the televote over Ammunition? I’d like to see the detailled results and then be done with Norway this year. Wrecking Crew stays on my iPod. Norway probably in their semi final. I’m so glad I stopped caring about the results long ago and became merely a curious follower. Otherwise, I’d be nothing but annoyed. And isn’t Eurovision supposed to be, I don’t know, fun?

Well done?

That made the 2nd Semi Final much much easier to deal with. Not every song has to be good! Norway proved this!


Phew!! At least Iceland chose wisely.
Both the songs in the icelandic super final were better than all the other three NF winners.
Thanks @Aaron for telling.


Seems like I’m the only one who LOVES it! My 3rd. I hope it can do a Common Linnets <3!

Lithuania. Oh Lithuania. No words other than 'I prefer Montenegro…'
My new last!


What’s this? LOL
It’s bland and instantly “I’ll check my Facebook/Twitter/Instagram while this goes on my TV” kinda of thing.

Norway, better luck in 2018.


I predict TOP 2 in MGP and Jows was my second favorite , Ella was first , but she ruin her chance with stage performance, they try to copy some from Andorra at Eurovision 2006 .
Good and unusual song for Eurovision. Very good chance for final, in final from 12 to 18 place.

Charli Cheer Up

Ella SLAYED her stage performance. So proud of you guys for giving her the top points. But I’m glad Norway went with Jowst. It will stand out from the sea of ballads this year along with Denmark and Sweden’s songs.


@Mar: whatever, I still don’t like the song

tonight’s results:

1. Sweden
2. Iceland
3. Lithuania
. 100: Norway

janet kench

I agree with the UK judges, Ella was far the best. Not that there was a great selection anyway. Oh Well good luck on the night Norway.


NRK unfortunately didn’t let us watch the NF (at least out of Norway). Thankfully, I found the performances on NRK’s youtube channel! So I was able to watch them.

Ammunition just brought the house down!!! They were amazing! Full of energy!
Elin & The Woods was also a great performance! I didn’t quite like the song at first, but when I saw the live performance, I enjoyed it! Really beautiful!

About the winning song, it’s a good song and I liked the studio version.
However, live it’is lacking sth. Not sure it’ll qualify!

Good luck to Norway!
Waiting for Iceland now!


With Ammunition they should stand out. Jowst and Alexander are great but we will have 42 pop songs and 1 rock. Its bad bad bad. This year is boring and we wont hear any diversity. Ufff

Polegend Godgarina

A mess and a half, but I’m saving my meltdown for the Lithuanian article.


It’s Svala with ‘Paper’ for Iceland


For those complaining about geo-blocking, if you had used the link provided by the Eurovision.tv website you would have been able to watch it with no problem, like I did.


NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! What have done? You fools. Eurovision 2017 is becoming one of the worst of this century!


Wow…. at least Norway saved Scandinavia


Three not great songs have already been chosen…..atleast Robin has a good performance though……..only Iceland can save the day now!!


If there’s one lesson I’ve learned this season, that would be to never get my hopes up because the best song will practically never win the selection. Terrible choice. Not nearly as bad as Lithuania, but it’s still really bad. Well hey, at least one thing is for certain: we aren’t headed north for next year.


So to be fair the song itself is decent. But it is a song with a niche audience and it is probably not going to do well in Kiev. He has a similar style to Lucas Nord. I like it.



Tak, Norge!