Poll results: Ulrikke is your favourite to win Melodi Grand Prix 2017!

Hej Norge! Ten acts will battle it out tonight in Norway’s Melodi Grand Prix 2017. Only one of them will fly the Norwegian flag in Kyiv, and in the last few weeks, we’ve asked for your opinion in our poll.

The voting has been open for over a month and you guys have been busy bobbing your heads and casting your votes. With 1,773 votes cast in total, Ulrikke has emerged as your favourite with her dance track “Places“.

Ulrikke’s 480 votes represent 27% of the total. As if that wasn’t impressive enough, it’s almost double the amount of the second place act. Will she be able to slay as much in the final tonight?

1. Ulrikke – “Places”: 480 votes (27.07%)

In second place are Elin & the Woods. Their Sami inspired entry “First Step In Faith (Oadjebasvuhtii)” received a total of 241 votes. That’s around 14% of the total votes.

In our interview, Elin explains why she chose to participate in MGP: “I wanted a stage where I could do whatever I wanted. And Melodi Grand Prix is unlimited, you can do whatever you like with lighting, decorations, and that big stage.” As good a reason as we can think!

2. Elin & the Woods – “First Step in Faith (Oadjebasvuhtii)”: 241 votes (13.59%)

In third place, there’s Eurovision 2005 veteran Åge Sten Nilsen from Wig Wam and his new group Ammunition. The “Wrecking Crew” has amassed (or rather, smashed) a total of 204 votes, which makes just under 12% of the overall vote.

3. Ammunition – “Wrecking Crew”: 204 votes (11.51%)

Rounding the top five, we find Amina Sewali‘s “Mesterverk” and Ella‘s “Mamma boy” tied in fourth place with exactly 202 votes each. Below you can find the full results:

Melodi Grand Prix 2017 – poll results


Total Votes: 1,773

Who’s your favourite for tonight? Do you agree with the poll results? Will Ulrikke represent Norway in Kyiv? Tell us in the comment section below!