Super Saturday Part V: Four national selections you can watch tonight

Tonight is not just the night four national selections will be aired. It is also the night that four countries will actually seal the deal and choose their representatives at the Eurovision Song Contest 2017. Those are Lithuania, Sweden, Iceland and Norway. We’ll have four shows and four winners. Welcome to the Super Saturday Part V!

National selections schedule: 11 March 2017

Lithuania: Eurovizijos atranka 2017 final (20:00 CET)

Tonight Lithuania closes down its extensive search for the winner of Eurovizijos atranka 2017, who will have the honour to represent this Baltic country at the Eurovision Song Contest 2017. We started with 51 songs. Now we’re down to seven, but only one can take the crown.

The winner will be decided by a combination jury votes — which in turn will be a combination of Lithuanian and international juries — and by the audience. Though the broadcaster is said to be changing the voting system in order to make the show more exciting and to increase “transparency”.

According to both our jury and our readers, Greta Zazza should win Eurovizijos atranka 2017.

End time: 22:30 CET

Live stream: LRT Lituanica Live

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Sweden: Melodifestivalen 2017 final (20:00 CET)

The six-time Eurovision winner and the host of the last year’s contest — Sweden — chooses its ambassador for Kyiv tonight. Twelve acts, which have qualified from the four semifinals and Andra Chansen round, will compete for the ticket to the Ukrainian capital.

The decision on who will take the trophy will be made up by the international juries – this year from Armenia, Australia, the United Kingdom, France, Israel, Italy, Malta, Norway, Poland, Czech Republic and Ukraine – and by public televote. Iveta Mukuchyan will present the Armenian votes.

Wiktoria is the odds-on favourite to win Melodifestivalen 2017. However, according to our jury, it is Mariette. Meanwhile, according to your votes, the favourites are Jon Henrik Fjällgren and Aninia.

End time: 22:15 CET

Live stream: SVT Play

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Iceland: Söngvakeppnin 2017 final (20:45 CET)

The land of ice and fire also picks its representative at the Eurovision Song Contest 2017 tonight. Seven acts — six qualifiers from the semifinals and one wild card entrant — are in for the win. In the semi-finals, all entries were required to be performed in Icelandic; however, in the final the entries are required to be presented in the language they would compete at Eurovision.

The winner will be determined by both jury and public televote through two rounds of voting. Five acts will be eliminated in the first round. The top two will proceed to the superfinal, where the winner will be decided by public vote alone.

According to your votes, Svala Björgvinsdóttir is the main favourite to win Söngvakeppnin 2017.

End time: 23:20 CET

Live stream: RÚV Live

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Norway: Melodi Grand Prix 2017 final (20:55 CET)

Norway is yet another Nordic country that will pick their national representative tonight. Ten acts, which were selected by the national broadcaster NRK, will compete for the chance to wave the flag for Norway in Kyiv.

The winner will be determined through a combination of votes by the international jury – this year consisting of Armenia, Austria, Finland, Germany, Hungary, Ireland, Israel, Malta, Sweden and the United Kingdom – and by public televote.

Ulrikke is both our readers’ and our jury’s main favourite for the victory.

End time: 23:00 CET

Live stream: NRK1 Direkte-TV

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Bonus: UK song reveal (20:00 CET)

And if that’s not all, tonight the BBC will also reveal the revamped version of Lucie Jones’ song “I’ll Never Give Up On You”. The song and its music video will be debuted on BBC iPlayer at 20:00 CET (19:00 GMT), but will also be available on the official Eurovision YouTube channel one hour later.

How will you spend your Super Saturday? Who are your favourites to win each national selection? Sound off in our comments section below!