Melodifestivalen televote winner Nano “feels blessed” despite NOT winning ticket to Eurovision

He won over the Swedish public with his stirring drum ‘n bass number “Hold On”, winning the televote and finishing second overall.

And while Nano narrowly missed out on the chance to sing at Eurovision 2017, he was feeling upbeat and positive when he spoke with wiwiblogger Tobias just moments after the show on Saturday evening.

“It feels amazing to actually get a chance to sing a song about life and about fighting and believing in yourself,” he said. “It’s my story and to actually be #1 from Sweden — it feels amazing. I can keep doing what I’m doing and I don’t have to think.”

And what does it mean for him to know Swedes ranked him first? “It’s everything,” he says. “They accept me.”

Eurovision fans inside and outside of Sweden have suggested that the international juries have too much power and they’re angry that the public’s pick won’t actually represent them in Kyiv.

Nano is more upbeat about it all.

“SVT have decided to have that system and they had it for a couple of years,” he says. “It is what it is. I see that everything happens for a reason. I’ve done my best, I feel really happy and blessed to stand here and my performance tonight was one of my best ever.”

Will he return to Melfest?

“I don’t know. My plan is to keep on touring around and spread my message around Europe, maybe go to the States. I’m going there to work more and do videos and stuff. We’ll see. If I’m totally busy next year then I might not have the chance to do this.”

In previous interviews with wiwibloggs, Nano has credited his children with helping him turn his life around. And he made it clear to us again that they remain the centre of his life — even on a night like this.

“I’m just waiting to meet my kids. That’s all I wanted to do since I heard the result. I’m going to meet them, hug them, tell them that I love them, maybe cry with them. Then I’m going to go with my wife to the afterparty. We’re going to hang there….I’m going to perform there. I really want to do this again.”

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