Robin Bengtsson on winning Melodifestivalen 2017: “I was biting my nails and my heart was pounding 200 miles an hour!”

On Saturday night he shocked the Melodifestivalen favourites by winning the international jury vote and walking away with the winner’s trophy.

And moments afterwards “I Can’t Go On” singer Robin Bengtsson was still in awe of what had just unfolded inside Friends Arena when he spoke with wiwiblogger Tobias.

“I’m shocked and I’m surprised and, of course, super happy and thankful,” he said, visibly dazed.

Following the jury vote and the revelation of the majority of the televotes, producers cut to a side-by-side of Robin and Nano — one of the pre-contest favourites.

“I was just sitting there biting my nails and my heart was pounding 200 miles an hour,” Robin says of those tense seconds. “It was the most nervous moment of my life.”

Swedes have made much of the fact that the public didn’t choose the winner, with many saying the international juries have too much power.

What does Robin think pushed him ahead with the foreign judges?

“I don’t know,” he says. “I love the song. I think it’s a great song and the whole package they liked — from walking in on back stage and the treadmills. It brought something new to the competition and perhaps that’s what they liked.”

Given the intense competition he faced in Sweden — including from third and fourth place finishers Jon Henrik Fjällgren feat. Aninia and Mariette — Robin can be forgiven for focusing on the songs at home rather than thinking ahead to Eurovision.

Has he listened to any of them? “Not really. Only thing I know is there some kind of gorilla involved.”

He says the first thing he’ll do on Sunday morning is drink some water. Sounds like someone had a long night of celebrations planned.

But he’ll get back to work soon enough.

“We have to summon the team and talk about what we’re going to do in Ukraine, and maybe change a few things and maybe don’t.”

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