Switzerland: Timebelle unveil “Apollo” revamp and stunning music video

Following Apollo means following your heart. And that’s exactly what Timebelle did after winning Switzerland’s Die Entscheidungsshow 2017 back in February. Speaking to wiwibloggs moments after their win, the group asked for your input about their Eurovision 2017 song “Apollo”. You spoke. They listened. And today they’ve unveiled their thoughtful revamp, which polishes the edges of their song and pulls it firmly into 2017.

This second coming of “Apollo” builds on its electronic foundations, turning up the electricity with some new digital sounds that sound incredibly current. Yet the song’s classical flair remains and overall this brings Miruna’s smooth vocals into sharper focus. The song also seems to have more shape thanks to added sass and power. Switzerland is not messing about and we’re pleased to see it.


There is no need to call the fashion police either. Serving that Romanian-Swiss realness, Miruna’s sense of style is also on point as she turns a mansion into a runway all her own.

During the video we see Miruna werking a number of sizzling looks, from Greek goddess in a toga-inspired dress to sophisticated glamour-puss in a sparkling gold dress with asymmetrical neckline.

At one point Miruna vogues against a piano as leaves fall — perhaps conjuring up the autumn of our lives and the passing of time, appropriate for a song about love and devotion. We also see a series of older couples keeping their intimacy alive and sharing tender moments as Miruna, the belle of the ball, sings it out with non-stop emotion. It’s all very classy and ultimately touching.


SRF will be hoping so. Over the past two years Switzerland has placed dead last in its semi-final. Rykka placed 18th in Stockholm, earning just 3 points from Albania in the televoting and a total of 25 points from the international juries in Georgia, Slovenia, Ireland, Denmark, Australia, Belgium, Germany and Israel.

Melanie René fared even worse in 2015, amassing just 4 points in Vienna. We loved her staging at the time and our jaws hit the floor.

Timebelle is already off to a running start, owing to the Romanian heritage of lead singer Miruna. This year Romania is also singing in and voting in the second semi-final, and the Romanian diaspora will likely get behind their girl. Having a good song also helps and a perfect storm for qualification seems to be brewing.

What do you think about the new version of “Apollo”? Do you think that it’s going to improve Timebelle’s chances in Kyiv? Shout out all of your thoughts on the wiwibloggs app — available on iOS and Android — or in the comments section below.