Albania: Lindita reveals revamped English version of “World”

At the end of 2016, Lindita triumphed above her rivals at Festivali i Kenges. With the right to be Albania’s Eurovision act in her name, Lindita has been hard at work revamping her winning song, “Bote”. From early on, we knew the song would be performed in English. Now — with some added flairs — it’s been revealed tonight as “World“!

Lindita — “World”

Lindita previously spoke to us about how she wanted to make the song more “Eurovision-like”. Without the restraints of Festivali i Kenges and the live orchestra, Lindita has ramped up the drama.

The song is now more polished, but still as dramatic as the original Albanian version. While the lyrics touch on the current topics, it is mainly about human equality. The opening lyrics “we’re so alike, yet different” also fit to this year’s slogan “Celebrate Diversity”.

Lindita — who has talked openly about her weight-losing process — looks beautiful on the music video. While the video has many hidden messages, it’s also just stunning to look at.

The People magazine cover girl now moves on to promoting her song. She’s already confirmed for Eurovision in Concert and we’re sure we’ll be seeing plenty more of Lindita on the road to Kyiv!

What do you think about Lindita’s new version of “World”? Do you like the way she’s switched the song to English, or should it have remained Albanian? Shout out your thoughts on the wiwibloggs app or in the comments section below!


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