Francesco Gabbani is our readers’ favourite Eurovision 2017 act so far (March 14)

Namaste — ale! On March 7th, we asked our readers who their favourite Eurovision 2017 act was. The results are in — and boy are there a lot of you who wanted to have your say. A grand total of 27,020 votes were cast, with Italy’s Francesco Gabbani coming out on top with “Occidentali’s Karma”!

Francesco received 3,073 votes to top our poll, around 11% of the vote. That percentage might not sound much, but remember — there were 27 acts in total in our poll!

Francesco also remains the bookmakers favourite to win Eurovision 2017 and it’s all looking in line for the first Italian victory since 1990.

There’s no word yet as to when we might hear the revamped version of Gabbani’s song, though. As it stands, “Occidetanli’s Karma” is too long for Eurovision and needs some serious cuts to comply.

Will we maybe see him debut the changes at either London or Amsterdam?

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Second place in this week’s poll goes to Romania’s duo of Ilinca feat. Alex Florea. We always know how passionate Romanian fans are and how they can get behind their act, no matter what. It seems even more so when the song has yodelling, too!

They received 2,958 votes, even having led the poll for some of the week. There’s no denying the song is fun and catchy — will all of Europe be yodelling along in May?

Once again in third place is France’s Alma. Remaining in the top three for yet another week, Alma polled 2,264 votes with our readers, just under 8.5% of the total.

Of course, “Requiem”‘s revised version only came out with just a few hours of our poll still to go, so we’d expect most of these votes to come from the original. Will she be able to maintain this great form with the bi-lingual version?

Fourth, fifth and sixth places all go to new entrants on our poll. Portugal’s Salvador Sobral received 2,067 votes with his touching song, “Amar pelos dois”. There’s then a big jump back to Greece’s Demy and Estonia’s Koit Toome & Laura, who took roughly 5% and 4.5% of the vote respectively.

And although she got close, unfortunately it was last place yet again for Germany’s Levina. She finished with 285 votes, a big jump on her total the previous week. Malta’s Claudia Faniello is within touching distance just one spot above, as she took 292 votes.


  1. Italy: Francesco Gabbani, “Occidentali’s Karma” — 11.37% (3,073 votes)
  2. Romania: Ilinca feat. Alex Florea, “Yodel It!” — 10.95% (2,958 votes)
  3. France: Alma, “Requiem” — 8.38% (2,264 votes)
  4. Portugal: Salvador Sobral, “Amar Pelos Dois” — 7.65% (2,067 votes)
  5. Greece: Demy, “This is Love” — 5.07% (1,370 votes)
  6. Estonia: Koit Toome & Laura, “Verona” — 4.51% (1,219 votes)
  7. Denmark: Anja Nissen, “Where I Am” — 4.5% (1,215 votes)
  8. Moldova: SunStroke Project, “Hey, Mamma!” — 4.41% (1,192 votes)
  9. Finland: Norma John, “Blackbird” — 4.27% (1,155 votes)
  10. United Kingdom: Lucie Jones, “Never Give Up on You” — 3.99% (1,077 votes)
  11. Poland: Kasia Mos, “Flashlight” — 3.96% (1,069 votes)
  12. Latvia: Triana Park, “Line” — 3.19% (863 votes)
  13. The Netherlands: O’G3NE, “Lights and Shadows” — 2.83% (765 votes)
  14. Switzerland: Timebelle, “Apollo” — 2.75% (744 votes)
  15. Georgia: Tako Gachechiladze, “Keep the Faith” — 2.75% (742 votes)
  16. Cyprus: Hovig, “Gravity” — 2.51% (677 votes)
  17. Hungary: Joci Papai, “Origo” — 2.25% (608 votes)
  18. Australia: Isaiah Firebrace, “Don’t Come Easy” — 2.12% (574 votes)
  19. Belarus: NAVIBAND, “Historyja majho zyccia” — 1.93% (521 votes)
  20. Albania: Lindita, “Botë” (World) — 1.76% (475 votes)
  21. Austria: Nathan Trent, “Running On Air” — 1.7% (458 votes)
  22. Ukraine: O.Torvald, “Time” — 1.48% (400 votes)
  23. Spain: Manel Navarro, “Do It For Your Lover” — 1.25% (337 votes)
  24. Croatia: Jacques Houdek, “My Friend” — 1.21% (327 votes)
  25. Slovenia: Omar Naber, “On My Way” — 1.08% (293 votes)
  26. Malta: Claudia Faniello, “Breathlessly” — 1.08% (292 votes)
  27. Germany: Levina, “Perfect Life” — 1.05% (285 votes)

Total Votes: 27,020

With all bar one song now revealed for Eurovision 2017, we’ll be launching a number of polls over the coming days and weeks. Keep your eye out for our Semi-Final One and Two favourite polls soon!

Is Francesco your favourite? Do you think that Italy have the victory all but sewn up now? Shout out all your thoughts on the wiwibloggs app or in the comments section below!

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