London to Madrid: Robin Bengtsson announces Eurovision promo tour performances

He won Melodifestivalen with impressive support from the international juries before climbing the charts with his winning song “I Can’t Go On”.

And now Robin Bengtsson is proving that he can and will go on….a Eurovision promo tour! He’ll be taking over Amsterdam, London, Tel Aviv and Madrid — that’s all around Europe honey!

Following countless messages from international fans and growing support for his song, Sweden’s latest darling decided to announce his presence for almost every single pre-party in the Eurovision calendar. That means we’ll see Robin oozing attitude and sex appeal all over the place before hitting the ground in Kyiv. This is how you put in the miles.

Robin might not bring his treadmill for the constant travelling, but his presence will be appreciated. Last year Frans only met with fans in London, singing “If I Were Sorry” to a crowded Café de Paris. 

In our recent interview, we asked Mr. Bengtsson about all the love he received from the juries. Where does it come from?

“I love the song,” he says. “I think it’s a great song and the whole package they liked — from walking in on back stage and the treadmills. It brought something new to the competition and perhaps that’s what they liked.”


From Stockholm to London, Robin Bengtsson’s first stop is going to be the United Kingdom. On April 2, he will perform for a sold out Café de Paris in Leicester Square. There are 19 other acts confirmed for the “London Eurovision Party” thus far.

After that he will fly to Israel for the majestic “Israel Calling” event in Tel Aviv on April 4 and will come back to central Europe on April 8 for “Eurovision in Concert” in Amsterdam.

His last stop before Kyiv will be in Madrid where he will meet Spanish fans in this year’s new pre-party event. That’s on April 15. We’re sure that there won’t be any #eurodrama associated with his presence.

Are you excited to see Robin in this year’s promo tour? Are you going to be at any of the above mentioned parties? Tell us everything in the comments section and in our brand new app!