Three of the five Nordic countries — Denmark, Finland and Iceland — have failed to qualify for the Eurovision final over the past two years. Last year only one of the Nordic countries (powerhouse and Eurovision 2016 host nation Sweden) appeared in the final. Needless to say all five countries are hungry for a win and will try their best to reach the final.

As in recent years, all five of the countries chose their acts through intense national selection processes. Finland, Iceland and Sweden will battle each other in the first semi-final while Denmark and Norway will compete in the second.

But which of the five Nordic entries is your favourite? And who stands the best chance of slaying a path to the final and on to victory? Vote in our poll below. You can vote for as many of your favourites as you would like, but you can only vote ONE time. Be sure to click the box next to each act you want to support before pressing submit.

Denmark: Anja Nissen with “Where I Am”

After finishing second in Denmark’s national selection last year, Anja Nissen returned to win Dansk Melodi Grand Prix this year with 64% of the votes in the superfinal.

Anja won Australia’s The Voice in 2014 but is now focusing on building her career in Denmark. She co-wrote her song “Where I Am” together with Michael D’Arcy and Angel Tupai, who competed in Australia’s X Factor in 2012.

Finland: Norma John with “Blackbird”

Finland was the first Nordic country to choose their entry this year. The country’s national selection Uuden Musiikin Kilpailu (UMK) ditched its semi-finals, instead opting for one big final with ten acts.

Pre-contest favourite Emma finished third, while Norma John topped the jury vote and the televote to win it all. Norma John consists neither of a Norma nor a John. That’s merely the stage name of the twosome consisting of pianist Lasse Piirainen and vocalist Leena Tirronen.

Iceland: Svala with “Paper”

Svala won Iceland’s Söngvakeppnin with 79,570 votes in the superfinal — a massive landslide win over Daði Freyr Pétursson. The blonde bombshell was also the favourite to win among our readers and among the Wiwi Jury — our in-house panel of musical unprofessionals.

But let’s not get ahead of ourselves yet. Last year Greta Salome finished only fourteenth in her semi-final despite being one of the big fan favourites ahead the contest.

Norway: JOWST with “Grab the Moment”

As in Finland, Norway’s Melodi Grand Prix featured one large show with ten finalists. Four artists advanced to the gullfinale — the gold final — and JOWST grabbed the trophy with 46,064 votes.

The group takes its name from JOWST — a 27-year-old DJ, record producer and songwriter (real name Joakim With Steen). He’s joined on stage by Aleksander Walmann, who finished second in Norway’s edition of The Voice in 2012.

Sweden: Robin Bengtsson with “I Can’t Go On”

After a nail-biting Melodifestivalen final, Robin Bengtsson was crowned the winner ahead of heavily hyped favourites Nano and Wiktoria. Despite finishing third in the televote, Robin earned the most points from the ten international juries, which was enough for him to win the contest.

Sweden currently sits in second place in the betting odds just behind Italy. Robin has experience with music talent shows, as he finished third on Swedish Idol in 2008. He also competed at Melodifestivalen last year and finished fifth with “Constellation Prize”. No consolation needed this year…

Poll: What is the best Nordic entry at Eurovision 2017?

So there you have it.

Who did you vote for? Which of the Nordic entries do you expect to see in the final? Let us know in the comments section below.


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1: Finland! <3 It's a beautiful song and terribly underrated.
2: Iceland. I like this song! 🙂
3: Norway. I think it's a fun song, a little boring, yes but I really enjoy the feeling and message of the song!
4: Denmark. It's a good song but it just doesn't grab me.
5: Sweden. Ew. I severely dislike this song. Robin is a cool guy and the performance was cool but the song itself is awful and overrated.


My taste:
1. Denmark (Love it)
2. Finland (Love it)
3. Iceland (Like it)
4. Sweden (Meh, average)
5. Norway (Boring)

How I believe it will all end for them:
1. Denmark (Top 5 in Final)
2. Sweden (Top 7 in Final)
3. Iceland (11-13 in Semi)
4. Norway (13-16 in Semi)
5. Finland (Bottom 4 in Semi)

Conclusion: Denmark deserves all praise it gets. Finland is sinfully underrated, while Sweden is damn too overrated. Iceland can pull it of with better stage presentation. Norway is utterly boring.


1. Finland
2. Sweden
3. Denmark
4. Iceland
5. Norway


Typical, ridiculous Eurovision harcorefans expectations Sweden to win here. It’s catchy, but too oldfashional typical (Swedish) pop-song to win. Even Iceland is more interesting and could be surprise.


1. UK
2. Australia
3. Sweden
4. Denmark
5. Bulgaria

1. Iceland 2. Denmark 3. Sweden 4. Norway 5. Finland from Armenia

Finland and Denmark are probably my top two songs this year. I was hoping for a Nordic clean sweep of excellent entries once those two had been selected in their respective national finals, but I think Sweden (or rather the international juries) made the wrong choice by leaving Nano in 2nd place, and Norway just didn’t have any entries that were highly impressive. Iceland is good this year but not even close to its past heights.



Purple Mask

Finland, certainly.
Why the poll is not reflecting that is an interesting question. It’s close though.


My favorite Nordic country this year, Norway, is the lowest in this poll. 🙁 I really like their song. So far, it is 4th place in my top ten. Luckily, Finland is a little higher in this poll and that is in my 10th spot so far. Norway should definitely make the final with the song they have this year. My lowest Nordic country, for me, this year is Denmark. Anja has a great voice but I find it to be…very typical and unengaging composition wise.


1. Sweden
2. Norway
3. Finland
4. Denmark
5. Iceland


1. Finland
2. Sweden
3. Iceland
4. Denmark
5. Norway

@ Poet I think there is some confusion concerning the terms “Northern”, “Nordic” and “Scandinavian”. Scandinavia consists of Denmark (usually excluding Greenland and the Faroese Islands), Norway and Sweden. It’s mainly a geographical term (as well as a linguistic term as the three Scandinavian languages are very closely related). The term “Nordic countries” refers to Denmark (including Greenland and the Faroese Islands), Finland, Iceland, Norway, and Sweden. It’s a term mainly based on the cultural bonds between those five countries. “Northern countries” are simply countries that are in the North, so Estonia might be considered a Northern, but not a… Read more »

My absolutely number one is Norway. Sweden is ok. Finland and Denmark are so boring.


Sweden is the only Nordic country this year again to deliver a song that stands a chance to win in May. Good work Sweden!!!


All nordics will probably qualify except Iceland (I’m not sure if Svala will deliver a proper performance to bring her to the final)


All nordics are overestimated. I’m tired of the praises about their national selections, and in the end we have that. Just stay in the semifinals you all.

I hope Finland will pass through this year. Norwege guys should work hard on their ‘Grab the Moment’ staging to be saved. ‘Paper’ wasn’t my favourite from the start. For the rest: Nissen slays so well that I had to replay her last part several times before I left it. Couldn’t leave her w/o vote although at the end I feel l’m drowning in melted caramel and glitter. She’s more likeable than her song. And Robin… Well, I felt good while listening his songs (last year was a bit better) as good renown swedish music. This year he elevates his… Read more »


Last year the Nordics were better and only one song qualified

No all nordic countries failed in semi Finland and Iceland in first semi, Denmark and Norway in second semi. Sweden was host nation , direct in final because that.

2016 first time that all nordic countries failled in semi final
2014 first time that all baltic countries (Estonia,Latvia,Lithuania) from ex Soviet Union failed in semi
2013 first time that all countries from ex Yugoslavia failed in semi (Serbia, Croatia,Slovenia,Montenegro in first semi, Macedonia in second semi) first time after 1985 when Yugoslavi withedrawn last time.


Nordic tragedy 2017
No nordics at top 10
Denmark & Norway a little bit better


Interesting! I thought that the Baltic states (Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania) also are a part of Nordic countries.


Blackbird! Period …
But … I have a soft spot for Svala’s Paper and I still think “I Can’t Go On” is being sung by the “wrong Robin” …


1. Sweden
2. Finland
3. Norway
4. Denmark
5. Iceland


1. Finland
2. Iceland
3. Swedden
4. Denmark
5. Norway

The nordic countries did their best this year and it truly shows! Only Norway kinda is boring…

Paul D.

Sweden by far. Finland is ok.
Don’t like the rest…


Only Denmark got their national selection right in my opinion. Even then, I do not see it as a top ten song at Eurovision. Sweden will also qualify but again, just outside the top ten for me.
The other three had much better options in their selections and I can see them all not qualifying.

Chicken kyiv???

My first complete ranking with all 43 songs

1 San Marino
2 Norway
3 Georgia
4 Montenegro
5 Russia
6 Greece
7 France
8 Moldova
9 Latvia
10 Croatia

11 Cyprus
12 Denmark
13 Ukraine
14 Sweden
15 Armenia
16 Azerbaijan
17 Estonia
18 Serbia
19 Poland
20 Spain

21 Switzerland
22 Albania
23 Macedonia
24 Romania
25 Malta
26 Germany
27 Italy
28 Israel
29 United Kingdom
30 Austria

31 Belarus
32 Hungary
33 Iceland
34 Netherlands
35 Belgium
36 Lithuania
37 Slovenia
38 Finland
39 Ireland
40 Bulgaria

41 Czech Republic
42 Australia
43 Portugal


Lets be real here… The only country that will place in the top5 is Sweden. The other countries has no chance of that.

Robin has a good chance to win.


Unlike last year, all Nordic countries have good songs. Denmark, Norway and Finland are in my top 10 and Sweden is a sure qualifier. Iceland is the only one I have outside my top 10 for its semifinal, but I wouldn’t be too mad if Svala made it.
Last year was truly a tragedy for the Nordics.


Denmark, Iceland, Finland, Norway, then Sweden.

Chris (frostyw)

None of the Nordic countries are in my top 10! The first Nordic country to appear on my top 43 is Finland, coming in at #18, with Denmark and Norway swiftly coming up after it. Iceland isn’t too far behind. I don’t rank Sweden very highly because the message of the song doesn’t appeal to me, but I suspect that the broader audience will like the slickly produced song and visual staging.


Nordics SLAY this year, excluding iceland.
1. Sweden (my 1st)
2. Finland (my 6th)
3. Norway (my 8th)
4. Denmark (my 9th)
5. Iceland (my 37th)


Iceland and Denmark <3


Sweden is the only country this year that stands a chance on top3 from the Nordics.

Gooo Robin


1. Denmark (TOP3)
2. Finland (TOP10)
3. Sweden (TOP15)
4. Norway (TOP25)
5. Iceland (TOP30)

Guest <– Vote here for your favourites ????

Leo M

1. Sweden
2. Norway
3. Denmark
4. Finland
5. Iceland


I made a cover of my favourite entry this year, Belgium and it would mean a lot to me if you would take a look at it and share your opinion about it.
Thank you very much,


I have to say Finland. It’s one of the most underrated countries in Eurovision song contest. They try hard (almost) every year. They haven’t been in final since 2014. Norma John’s song is mystical, atmospheric, and touching. Leena’s voice is really beautiful and the stage show looked amazing on national final. I hope they don’t change it much. Keep it simple guys!


All good songs, but Finland best and Sweden worst

1. Finland (hated it at first, but its an outstanding song) – Circle of Light was much better, but after the live performances not so much… 2. Norway (I expected someone else to win, but this is nice) – All 4 super finalist were great 3. Denmark (Anja’s song in 2016 was much better, but still likable) i prefered ”colour my world” or ”nothern lights” 4. Iceland (sounds nice) didn’t watched their selection 5. Sweden (nothing outstanding) i prefered 14 other melfest entries over this one All 5 songs are final worthy and if not messed up during their semi… Read more »

Sweden and Norway the best, the rest O:K. Still much better songs than last year though!


This year’s Nordic entries are not as good as past years.

One exception: Finland, but this is NOT a Eurovision-friendly song.

(J)ESC Fanatic

Denmark! And then Iceland.

1. Finland: 9.5/10, 1/43 : Atmospheric, melodic, emotional lyrics, big voice, gives me shivers. By far my 1st. 2. Denmark: 6.7/10, 13/43 : Nice to listen to, not something really special but it’s easy on the ears. Big voice that tends to be a bit more shouty than needed. 3. Iceland: 6.5/10, 18/43 : Catchy with a nice tune and a great performer but somehow a bit lacklustre and forgettable. 4. Norway: 6.2/10, 27/43 : Catchy tune but not my cup of tea. Nothing to really love on this one from me. 5. Sweden: 6.2/10, 28/43 : Mainstream pop, also… Read more »

All Nordic entries are solid. Finland and Norway are the best for me by far.


1. Finland – I really love our song this year, a lot better than the past two years anyway!
2. Norway – I don’t understand why people dislike it, it’s not bad at all
3. Sweden – it’s kind of annoying but I do like it
4. Iceland – this one will grow on me for sure, but right now I’m not really a fan
5. Denmark – I just can’t stand it. Sorry Denmark :/


08 Norway
11 Sweden
13 Denmark
21 Iceland
26 Finland

I don’t think we will see a top 5 result from the Nordics but I think the entries are stronger. People thought Iceland last year was a flop but to me it is just a flat song with no characters. This year every song has some unique selling point and I think we should see most of them in the final.


1. Iceland
2. Sweden
3. Finland
4. Denmark
5. Norway
but they’re all really really good


For me it is Finland