Team Wiwi’s Top National Final Songs of ESC 2017 (25-21)

The songs that have made it to Eurovision 2017 aren’t the only gems we’ve discovered in recent months. So yesterday we kicked off the countdown of our top 30 national final songs of the season (covering numbers that failed to get out of their country’s selection process). Today we take a look at the acts who finished from 25th to 21st place, including two acts from Norway’s Melodi Grand Prix.

25. “First Step in Faith (Oadjebasvuhtii) — Elin & The Woods (Norway)

Sami singing star Elin Kaven and music producer Robin Lynch (who produced Margaret Berger’s “I Feed You My Love”) teamed up on this joiking extravaganza at Norway’s Melodi Grand Prix. With plenty of smoke and a number of Sami singers in traditional dress, the duo finished a solid third at and stood out in a very good way. Reindeer horn realness!

Wiwi Jury: Incredible. This is the perfect blend of traditional and modern sounds. It’s on a higher plane. Elin serves ethereal Sami realness and it slays. (Chris)

24. “Wrecking Crew” — Ammunition (Norway)

Our countdown takes us from third place at MGP to second. Ammunition — led by Wig Wam vocalist Age Sten Nilsen — sought to end the NF season on a rockier note. But plenty of pyro and some girls in jumpsuits weren’t quite enough to win over Norway. Even so it still makes some of us want to throw the horns up and rock out!

Wiwi Jury: Yes, yes, good God, YES! This is pure gold. The whistling part in the beginning immediately pulls you in, and then it’s just full power from there. Ammunition might not be as theatrical as Wig Wam, but the attitude is still there, y’all. Like, love, adore. (Kristin)

23. “Vietato morire” — Ermal Meta (Italy)

For the first time ever, a song from Italy’s Sanremo makes our list. Whilst Francesco Gabbani remains the bookies’ clear favourite to win Eurovision 2017, there was a time it looked like he might not even make it to the contest. Both Ermal and Fiorella Mannoia pushed him hard throughout the contest and finished in the top three. Ermal, who won the Mia Martini Critics award, goes on to reach #23 on our list to boot!

22. “All I Know” — My Radiant You (Latvia)

Returning for a second shot at the Supernova crown, husband and wife duo My Radiant You changed their name and sound for 2017. One thing remained a constant though: their great live performances. “All I Know” really came to life on stage and whilst they didn’t win, there’s little doubt they will have their moment at Eurovision eventually.

Wiwi Jury: My Radiant You were my clear favourites last year, which meant there were high expectations when I clicked play. It has a “feel good” vibe to it which makes for pleasant listening, but it was not made for the Eurovision stage. (Antranig)

21. “Unstoppable” — Brooke (Malta)

Never underestimate a Faniello. Despite being our Jury and poll favourite, Brooke Borg missed out yet again on the Maltese spot at Eurovision to a more seasoned veteran in the form of Claudia Faniello. “Unstoppable” might not have been quite on the same level as “Golden”, but it goes to show just how talented this girl is!

Wiwi Jury: Headlight, spotlight, hold tight? No, Brooke — jump into the LIMELIGHT because it is YOURS. Living up to the “Unstoppable” in her song title, Brooke soars with this electro-ballad. Clearly engineered to show off the many qualities of her voice, it moves from sexy and mysterious opening to powerful and thrusting chorus. (William)

What do you think of these five songs? Would you have ranked any of them higher in your lists? Shout out your thoughts on the wiwibloggs app, or in the comments section below!

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