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Last week, we started our countdown of Team Wiwi’s top national final songs from the Eurovision 2017 season. With some surprises along the way, we’ve finally reached our top five. We’ve gone through and counted, checked and verified all the votes once more to make sure we have a winner.

Believe us when we say this is the tightest result ever in our countdown — it went down to the very last wiwiblogger to decide who would be our number one. So let’s cut the tension and start our top five…

5. “I Love You” — Tayanna (Ukraine)

With the added bonus of being the host nation’s act, there was even more on the line in Ukraine’s national final than usual. One of the real standouts was Tayanna, whose song “I Love You” seemed a clear favourite.

The song — penned by former NF act Max Barskih — was perfectly structured to show off Tayanna’s great vocal. Whilst she was the jury’s favourite in the final, the televote went against her and ultimately a tie-break sent O.Torvald instead of her.

Wiwi Jury: “One word sprung to mind, when I listened to ‘I love you’: wow. This one is dynamite, y’all! The power here is beyond everything. She puts her heart and soul into the performance, and strikes you like lightning. I actually had to take a moment, and just gather myself after first listen.” (Kristin)

4. “As I Lay Me Down” — Wiktoria (Sweden)

Wiktoria’s return to Melodifestivalen seemed to be perfectly set up for a win. “As I Lay Me Down” laid on more country than last year’s “Save Me”, but also allowed her more freedom on stage. Easily beating the likes of Loreen and Jon Henrik in her heat, everything pointed to a Wiktoria win in the final.

But once again the international juries scuppered her chances. With the app vote bunching votes too close together, she had no chance to catch up. After two near misses in a row, will she come back for third time lucky next year?

Wiwi Jury: “Wiktoria ticks so many boxes: girl-next-door charm, innovative staging, pitch-perfect vocals that balance power and control. Taken together she has the broadest demographic appeal — she’s the woman girls want to be and who guys want to be with. The production is slick and, unlike so many other entries, somehow pared back.” (William)

3. “A Million Years” — Mariette (Sweden)

After a great debut at Melfest in 2015, Mariette’s return this year was one of the most anticipated.

“A Million Years” certainly delivered too, with Mariette’s pitch-perfect vocals matched with a great song and performance.

And as she did in our 2015 list, Mariette also places a great third place here.

Wiwi Jury: “Everything about Mariette is just flawless, stunning. “A Million Years” allows you to be carried away by the excitement of the song, driving you crazy. I want to dance and she radiates excitement while owing strong and sublime vocals. It feels heavenly. I wish it would last more than three minutes. What a gem!” (Jordi)

2. “Statements” — Loreen (Sweden)

There was arguably no moment more anticipated in the national final season than on February 25. Loreen’s return to Melodifestivalen with “Statements” was set to be a highlight — yet from the first moment it was clear this was not going to go the way many fans hoped. The on-screen Melfest heart failed to beat until too late, and Loreen found herself relegated to Andra Chansen. There she was beaten by Anton Hagman, failing to even make the final.

Loreen had told us from the start that this was not about winning — this was about Loreen sending a message. The former Eurovision winner may not have succeeded in returning to the contest, but she certainly knew how to get our attention once more.

Wiwi Jury: “I want to make a statement right now: this is art! Forget everything you’ve heard and experienced…Loreen’s voice takes all those listening to another planet. Captivating and powerful, it’s renewal, it’s rebirth, it’s drama.” (Bernardo)

1. “Spirit Animal” — Kerli (Estonia)

In a year with a Melfest mostly derided as subpar, it was Eesti Laul that had everyone excited. With a whole range of songs and genres on offer — some of which we’ve already highlighted in this list, some who just missed out — there was one name that stood out more than any other. Kerli’s return to the national finals was much anticipated and “Spirit Animal” certainly did not disappoint.

Different and visually arresting, this was a performance piece from start to finish. Kerli knew what she wanted to do and delivered: a clear reason why she stands out amongst so many other national finalists this year. Koit and Laura may have had the edge all along, but we suspect this will go down as one of the best “could have beens” for a long time.

Wiwi Jury: “Catchy and slick with a seasoned professional, as an entry this would pack some punch. Yes, it is slightly repetitive but most successful Eurovision entries are built around a hook. And visually, this will undoubtedly be stunning.” (Jason)

So Kerli joins the list of our winners, including 2015’s Eric Saade and 2016’s Margaret. Was “Spirit Animal” one of your top national final songs of the year? Shout out all your thoughts on the wiwibloggs app, or in the comments section below!



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Music is the key

At the topic of personal favourites – here is another one. A great ska song from the Slovene final. Ni panike by Sellout. Lovely to see it qualify for the final 🙂


The Wiwibloggs top 30 is interesting to read. But I cant say I agree with much. Of course many good songs too. But also some horrid ones – like “My Little World”. The only song I would have placed in the top 30 is “Wrecking Crew”. Another quality rock song 🙂

Music is the key

@L’ousieau – I agree with you. “Agora” is a very good, understated ballad. I find it more classy then the more “divaish OTT ballads” we sometimes hear in ESC.

Let me add another favourite of mine from the Portuguese NF. This is kind of indiepop actually. Refreshing and original. “Gente bestial” got a lot of positive attention among fans, and scored well in their NF.



As usual, wiwibloggs only cares about Melfest and barely any other selections…EIGHT songs from Sweden alone! I don’t watch any of the selections, so I don’t know, “maybe” they’re mostly terrible, but I saw you guys including your first song ever from Sanremo this year in the middle of the ranking somewhere, when Sanremo songs are consistently much, much better than this Swedish generic divapop…


i can’t convice myself that Swedish didn’t give enough vote for Loreen

Music is the key

Music tastes differ though….I think it was probably the best moment of the NF season 2017, when the great rocksong “Time”, trimuphed over “I Love You”. On a tie break even 🙂 Epic moment!


I can’t believe that people complain about the “lack of diversity”. This is a top 30 of the team’s favorite songs, this is personal taste! You can’t just include one song from every country when some national finals were horrendous and some were brilliant.

For me, Tayanna should’ve come out on top.


And here for you all, and especially for the wiwi team, yet another “boring”, “uninspired” and “pretentious” song for you. I would say “enjoy”, but I know you won’t. I know I will… With love:

Andrea Ionut

A million LOLs to this appaling top. Kerli is such a terrible vocalist and it didn’t help she had an average song… And … “Statements” was boring and uninspiring beyond belief!


I would add to this rank polish song Carmell – Faces. But actually I think this year national songs were bad. Those chosen songs for the contest were the best, I think.


Sorry to say it, “I Love You” and “As I Lay Me Down” are two of the worst songs I have heard during the national selections this year. “Spirit Aninal” is good though.

Generally I think this top 30 is too samey when it comes to musical styles. So many Swedish songs. Many songs which are “nice”, but lacks originality. I have heard a lot more interesting and (to me) better songs over all. Ukraine, Slovenia are just two countries’ selections I can mention

Interesting to read – but very few songs I’d pick for a top 30


Good picks. I love that Kerli took the 1st spot, as I love that song since it came out. I would prefer it to Verona, although both are good. Wiktoria, Mariette and Loreen are excellent too.


Really??? This is the best that you come up with? I only agree on Loreen: a total masterpiece. Just a pitty it didn’t went through. On Kerli, not a bad tune, but more of the same, with quite a cheesy over the top 00’s staging. The rest varies from forgettable to excruciating and wouldn’t add anything to this year’s line-up.
@ Brian
Thanks for sharing that song. Brilliant.


Wiktoria has my favourite song this year, i’m still sad she didn’t win, but I have to admit that she did awful in the final 🙁


Loreen would come back to Melodifestivalen if she feels she has the right song she says. But I don’t want her to come back next year. That’s too soon and it would make her look desperate in peoples eyes too I guess.
The most interersting part is that she could have won if she only made it to the final in an alternetive final outcome that was made. The international juries would have given her enough points so that she might have passed the televoters favourites. I’m still dissapointed about her missing the final!

EuroFan mexico

Apretó but no one of this 5 for me


@ Monique

I guess were :
18 internal selections
25 national selections
……because Greece had 3 songs, theoretically the other 2 could have been in this top, this is why I count Greece as national selection.


For me, one big omission is “Geraldine” from Ukrainian selection.
That WAS the song of whole season for me.


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Álex, from Spain

Conclusion: Sweden rules!!
I’m not feeling the “Spirit animal” thing. It’s the second time I try to listen to it and I’ve had to stop the video halfway. I guess it’s a matter of taste, as some people think Wiktoria, Loreen or Mariette’s songs are overrated and I just love them.


Wowwwwww….. This is just bad taste
(Well, taste is objective, I guess. So it’s objectively banal taste! xD)

I love Kerli, and I’m growing to love Loreen. But saying “Spirit Animal” is better than “Statements?” Spirit Animal is too much of a mess to even deserve a spot on this list, and I actually still like the song in spite of its glaring issues! I just can’t- wow. Just wow. Wowwwwwwwwwww. The one time Loreen actually deserved all of the first places, but got none of them. ;-;

(J)ESC Fanatic

All these are great! Kerli’s live performance was a big positive surprise for me, as I do not like the studio version of the song. I will have to agree with @ImpressiveInstants though, FiK was really good this year and you should have included at least one Albanian entry in your list.


@ M_K

Wiktoria was 8 in the final (if I remember well) so that fascination doesn’t really exist, it’s artificially created.


The omission of Nano from the top 30 is a huge shame. Why???


@ Darius

Funny, don’t forget about her duets Amir, Mans, I wonder who will she grab next.


To be honest, I’ve never really understood the fuss about Wiktoria’s entries. Neither of them is interesting or original in my opinion. When I watched the “Save Me” performance in MF, never in my life I would have thought that this might go to the final.

Quite often in MF there are songs that I don’t like but I understand why other people enjoy them, however this is not the case here. So maybe somebody can explain that fascination to me? I just don’t see it.

I have a sneak preview about the articles in the next days here on the site: On Thursaday: France – We will exclusively learn about Alma’s dress she’s gonna wear on London Eurovision Party! On Friday: France – Alma will share her opinion about the Russian-Ukrainian conflict. Which side is Alma? Who’s right and who’s wrong? Stay tuned On Saturday: Wiwi will post a club remix of Requiem by Alma (France) On Sunday: An interview with Alma (France) from the press conference, just before London Eurovision Party starts, so it will be fresh! On Monday morning, in the first article… Read more »

Why are some people so angry… it’s just a list of the wiwi guys’ favourite NF songs, they never claimed to have undisputed superior taste or be on a quest to ensure diversity (what the heck even?).


@ Monique : ”France (each day a new post)”

I can’t wait to find out what Alma will do tomorrow, I’m sure a new article is prepared right now to inform us what interesting things she has for us. LOL


I can’t believe that Lolita Zero was in your top and nothing from Poland…
Oh now I believe, this is wiwibloggs, the biggest hater of Poland…


Totally agreed. Have you heard Shiu and Mos haro?? They were miles better than half the songs you have included.

Such a diversity….. :)))) Seriously guys?!?!?!? You want facts? Let’s get facts! So, from 43 participating countries this year we had: – 19 internal selections – 24 national selections: Albania, Finland, Georgia, Portugal, Sweden, Iceland, Latvia, Moldova, Poland, Slovenia, Denmark, Hungary, Malta, Romania, Belarus, Estonia, Lithuania, Norway, Switzerland, Ukraine, Germany, Italy, Spain and UK So, from 24 national selections only 14 are represented in this top 30 (!!!) Sweden: 8 songs Estonia: 3 songs Latvia: 2 Hungary: 2 Spain: 2 Norway: 2 Malta: 2 Finland: 2 Lithuania: 2 Moldova: 1 Italy: 1 Slovenia: 1 Switzerland: 1 Ukraine: 1 Total =… Read more »

Can’t believe you forgot about the masterpiece from Latvia UP – ”One By One”.

Melovin won only because he was a recent contestant on the ukrainian X-Factor hence his exposure bubble is yet to burst. All the kids and girls voted for him. Ermal’s song is good but he can’t translate the power of his song during a live performance, his verses sound like a lazy half-tamed rap. In my eyes, the national final top 10 should be: 1. Daði Freyr – Hvað með það?/Is This Love? (Iceland) – staging elevated this from okay-ish to being the most sincere and personal entry we had in the whole lot of National Finals this year. And… Read more »

Top 30 without LeKlein?? 8-…(

Good selection though.


Where is Sada?



You’re aware that Loreen isn’t white, right? She’s an Arab Berber Muslim of Moroccan heritage…and she and Mariette are both LGBTQ+, so diversity.


Ermal Meta-Italy
Aron Hannes-Iceland
Szabó Ádám,Spoon,Soulwave,Tóth Gabi-Hungary


vv not actually me lol vv


i’ve said it before and i’ll say it again
what is club la perse doing on this list
they are utter trash
they deserve nothing, much less a spot on this prestigious, critically acclaimed wiwibloggs.com listicle
club la perse can go rot in hole for all i care because they are the scum of this earth how dare they


Winners should’ve been BQL, Melovin and Mirella.


Didn’t you guys rate “Statements” higher than “Spirit animal”? I mean just the lyrics is way above Kerli’s song!


How on earth is Kerli in the top 10? Wiktoria and Loreen were much, much better than her. Even Mariette was better.


Ukraine is not only screwing up this year’s contest but they screwed up Tayanna and Melovin both of whom had far better entries than that rock wanna-be song.




Please make a poll for internally selected : Blanche, OG3NE, Alma, Kristian Kostov, Brendan Murray, Nathan Trent, Demy, Martina, Jana, Tijana, Jacques, DiHaj and I don’t remember others


This would be exacly my top 3, but with Loreen first.
1. Loreen
2. Kerli
3. Marionette



Tayanna and Mariette!! My girls are amazing!!
Probably the top 5 was too obvious!!

Loool. So top2 is someone whose utterly chaotic performance did not even manage to go to their final plus a complete fan-wank who gave us probably the most amateurish NF performance this season (along with Romania’s Instinct) . Plus the whole top5 is female for some reason only Wiwi knows. Best 10 NF songs of the 2017 season: 10) “Tonight” – Aron Hannes (Iceland) 9) “Nova Gloria” – Viva La Diva (Portugal) 8) “Discover Moldova” – Ethno Republic & Surorile Osoianu (Moldova) 7) “Feel me now” – Ariadne (Estonia) 6) “A million years” – Mariette (Sweden) 5) “Mama’s boy” –… Read more »

Kerli, Mariette and Wiktoria are the songs I most listen to this days, with Macedonia and Italy <3


Kerli?! Don’t understand what she is singing. Moreover, not a big fun of off-key singing inspite of being a fun of Bjork.