Moldova: Sasha Bognibov impresses judging panel on Romania’s Got Talent

He’s an annual fixture on Moldova’s national final O melodie pentru Europa — but traditionally without much success. Until now. Things are picking up for the Moldovan gothic rocker Sasha Bognibov. After making a return appearance on Romania’s Got Talent, he impressed the judges enough to be considered for the semi-finals.

Sasha first appeared on Romania’s Got Talent two years ago. Back then, he was booed off stage for presenting himself as a piece of art and refusing to sing. This year he came with a song.

Sasha performed his 2016 O melodie pentru Europa entry “Insane (Against Corruption)” — and this time both the judges and audience were feeling it. He delivered a strong and confident goth rock performance, which inspired audience members to head-bang and flash peace signs.

The judges were also impressed with Sasha’s rock anthem with a message. They appreciated that he performed his own song instead of doing a cover. One of them said that he filled the stage despite being alone.

Sasha received three yeses from the panel, meaning he will be considered for the semi-finals. If it makes it there, he will perform again and fight for a place in the Romania’s Got Talent grand final.

Notably the only singer on the panel, Andra, gave him a no. Andra is a veteran of Romania’s Selectia Nationala. In 2005 she performed “Dracula My Love” as part of Simplu & Andra. Sadly the song was disqualified from the national final due to breaking the 1 September deadline.

Try try again

Romania’s Got Talent isn’t Sasha Bognibov’s only talent show experience. In 2013 he tried his luck at home, with an audition on Moldova’s Got Talent. His performance of Andrius Pojavis’ “Something” didn’t impress the local crowd.

Last year Sasha shocked judges on X-Factor Ukraine with his audition of his 2013 O melodie pentru Europa entry “My Lesbian Girl”.

He later accused the show’s producers of “dirty tricks” and says the studio audience in fact enjoyed his performance.

But this time at least, Sasha is making progress. We wish him well on his Got Talent journey!