Ilinca feat. Alex Florea in London: “When you come to Eurovision with a yodeling-pop-rock-rap song, you don’t know what to expect”

Romania‘s power duo Ilinca feat. Alex Florea were in the British capital over the weekend for the London Eurovision Party. They brought the house down with their performance of “Yodel It!” But before that, we got to talk to them about how they met, about their talent show history and their unique yodel-pop-rock-rap song.

Contrary to popular belief, despite the fact that 18-year old Ilinca is the younger one, she acts as the “big sister” to scatterbrained Alex, who is 25.

The pair only met for the first time in January. Not only did they have to quickly memorise the unique song “Yodel It!” ahead of Selectia Nationala‘s live audition, but also to gel on stage. Even they were surprised to learn that they had such chemistry onstage. Everything went smoothly from the first live audition and they’ve been very good friends since then.

Ilinca told us about how she learnt to yodel, when even her own parents doubted her singing abilities. Alex also had to learn how rap when he is a rocker at heart. The duo also share how they both entered Romania’s X Factor and The Voice, but never got around to watching one another!

Ilinca and Alex were surprised when they won Romania’s Selectia Nationala 2017. As Ilinca puts it, “When you come to Eurovision with a yodeling/pop/rock/rap song, you don’t know what to expect.” Alex adds, “It’s a first for everyone, so you don’t know how people would react.” But the feedback has been encouraging, and they hope so see that in Kyiv as well.

We might not be in Kyiv yet, but the song was certainly well received in London. The Café de Paris came alive with the sound of yodeling!

Next up, we will be seeing Ilinca and Alex in Madrid, Amsterdam and Tel Aviv. What would you like to ask the Romanian fresh-faced duo? And what do you think about Ilinca feat. Alex Florea’s performance at the London Eurovision Party? Shout out (or yodel!) on the wiwibloggs app, or let us know in the comments!