Poll: Who is your favourite to win Eurovision 2017?

Forty-three acts all share the same singular goal: to win Eurovision 2017 in Kyiv. We won’t have a winner until May 13, but we’ve already been looping the tracks (and their revamps and remixes) and watched this year’s contestants drop live performances all over the continent. As we countdown the days until the grand final, we want to know: Who is your favourite to win Eurovision 2017?

Do you agree with the bookies that ItalyBulgaria and Sweden will battle for the win? Do you think that Belgium and Portugal could ride their wave of hype to upset those at the top of the odds table? Or do you think it could be an epic year for Moldova? Wherever you’re from and whoever you’re backing, now is the time to tell us who you’re behind in our poll.

As in all of our polls, you can vote for as many of your favourites as you’d like. Just check the box next to each of them before pressing submit. You can only submit your votes ONE time, so choose carefully.

Please note that we have included Russia’s Julia Samoylova in our poll, as she is still recognised by the EBU as Russia’s contestant. Should her participation change at any point in the coming weeks, we will update the poll accordingly.

Poll: Who should win Eurovision 2017?

Remember to shout out your thoughts on who should win on the wiwibloggs app, or in the comments below. We’ll update you on the results as we continue to get closer to the event itself at the start of May!

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