Switzerland: Lys Assia reveals her top 20 favourites for Eurovision 2017

It’s quickly become a Eurovision tradition that’s almost as eagerly awaited as any of the preview parties. And on Friday, Lys Assia — Eurovision’s first ever winner — kept the custom going for another year, when she revealed her top 20 favourites for the upcoming contest in Kyiv.

Taking to her Facebook page, the 93 year-old music veteran crowned Italy’s Francesco Gabbani her Eurovision 2017 winner. Pouring praise on the use of Italian in “Occidentali’s Karma”, she casually mentions her own success with the language at Eurovision.

The Italian language is such a beautiful one. It reminds me of the time I performed the ever green “Giorgio” at the Contest of 1958. I ended up in 2nd place.

Portugal, Belgium, Austria and the United Kingdom round out her top five. Branding them strong song choices, she adds that “they celebrate diversity with their unique genres, lyrics and compositions”.

She concludes by confirming that she’ll travel to Kyiv for next month’s contest. See you there!

Lys Assia’s Eurovision favourites — 2017

  1. Italy
  2. Portugal
  3. Belgium
  4. Austria
  5. United Kingdom
  6. San Marino
  7. Switzerland
  8. France
  9. Australia
  10. Denmark
  11. Armenia
  12. Czech Republic
  13. Macedonia (FYR)
  14. Croatia
  15. Hungary
  16. Netherlands
  17. Malta
  18. Bulgaria
  19. Russia
  20. Ireland

Perhaps anticipating the inevitable fan furore, team Assia stress that the list isn’t a prediction.

With this Top 20 Miss Assia isn’t predicting any results. She just wishes to let her many fans know which songs are, to her, the most qualitative, touching, inspirational end/or moving.

Lys Assia’s Eurovision favourites 2014-2016

Ahead of Copenhagen 2014, Lys selected Belgium’s Axel Hirsoux and “Mother” as her number one. The song failed to qualify for the grand final, finishing 14th in its semi. She ranked Austria — the ultimate winner — fourth.

In 2015, she backed Norway’s “A Monster Like Me” by Mørland & Debrah Scarlett. They finished eight. The actual winner Sweden came a lowly 19th on her list.

Last year, Eurovision’s grande dame lent her support to Malta and Ira Losco’s “Walk On Water”. The Eurovision returnee didn’t fare too badly in Stockholm, coming 12th. Coincidentally, eventual winner Ukraine appeared at 12 on Lys’ rankings.

What do you think of Lys Assia’s Eurovision 2017 rankings? Do you agree with her number one? Let us know in the comments or react using the wiwibloggs app.

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