Wiwi Jury: Montenegro’s Slavko Kalezic with “Space”

Zdravo Crna Gora! Earlier today The Wiwi Jury — our in-house panel of music unprofessionals — landed in Montenegro. Awed by the picturesque Bay of Kotor, we admired the natural splendour before stripping down to our leather speedos to discuss Montenegro’s entry for Eurovision 2017. Does Slavko Kalezic‘s “Space” make us want to rocket to the stars? Or would we rather leave his galaxy unexplored? Read on to find out…

Slavko Kalezic – “Space”

About Slavko Kalezic

Slavko Kalezic, 31, rose to fame participating in X Factor Adria in 2013, where he was known for his outlandish and over-the-top performances that showed a flair for drama. It makes sense: He is a graduate of the Montenegrin National Theatre, where he specialised in singing and dancing and honed his stage craft. He understands that he is a divisive character and remains committed to his art — regardless of whether it raises eyebrows. As he told us in a recent Skype interview: “When it is about Slavko Kalezic, it is always 50-50. And I think that is a huge success. I am not in the way, ‘Oh, everybody have to love me. Everybody have to love me.’ No. It’s not about that. Because when you are honest and you have yourself and your self-confidence and a mission, you have to be honest about art.”

“Space” reviews

William: It takes a brave man to spend three minutes shirtless while whipping his six-foot hairpiece back. And Slavko is a very brave man. From his talk of wet dreams to his references to ejaculation, he goes where no Eurovision singer has gone before — and then he thrusts and slut drops to punctuate his arrival. Musically he’s managed to pull the discotheque into 2017, delivering a feel-good track that should draw votes from all corners of Europe. It’s Montenegro’s best entry to date and — in the vein of Conchita and Cleo — it could climb the scoreboard despite its divisiveness. Slayko, indeed!

Score: 8/10

Anthony:  I wasn’t entirely convinced when Montenegro announced they had internally selected Slavko. But after learning that he’d worked with a top-notch Swedish songwriting team, it became a clear a surprise was on the horizon. “Space” delivers a dance pop feel that’s built around Slavko’s flamboyant personality. Even though the odds are heavily stacked against Montenegro, Stefan Örn has worked his magic and Slavko is making the most of it.

Score: 6/10

Robyn:  I need this. I need Slavko and his chronic allergy to shirts. I need his 50 Shades whip ponytail. And most importantly I need his highly danceable celebration of love and sexuality. “Space” reminds me of the sort of club music that came out in the safe sex era of the late 80s/early 90s. There’s just so much joy and affection tied up in that it’s almost impossible to dislike it. Regardless of how this does in Kyiv, Slavko has blessed us all.

Score: 7.5/10

Deban: Slavko is selling sex on a grill, and I am buying it. “Space” places me in a bookstore whilst browsing the pages of R-rated magazines. With lyrical mentions of “rocket”, “body language” “wet dreams” “explode” and “Milky Way”, this is as sleazy as Eurovision gets! Where “Space” falls short, Slavko compensates. Hopefully, good staging may forgive its musical shortcomings.

Score: 5/10

Chris: Werk it, sister. Balkan slutpop is a genre that Eurovision has needed for so long, and Slavko is bringing it to life. The music itself might be a a little trapped in the 90s, but Slavko is so engaging as a performer that you don’t mind it. This is the “Minn hinsti dans” of this generation — by being so upfront about in its lyrics, there’s nothing creepy or sleazy here. Slavko wants to slay and he should rightfully be a star in Kyiv.

Score: 7/10

Josh: Slavko is equal parts entertaining and handsome. I love how he channels his inner diva in every facet of his performance and brings that alter ego to life. The lyrics are a bit much. Even as an openly gay man, I find them a tad over the top. But there’s no doubt that he will bring “Space” to life in Kyiv and all of his Slayers will happily cheer him on.

Score: 4/10

Marek: “Space” is a masterpiece of amusing. Every time I hear it I start to giggle and can’t stop. Is there an important message in the lyrics? Does Slavko sing well? I DO NOT CARE! He brings the fun and that’s what matters! Slavko is gonna slay in Kyiv, so y’all better prepare your asses cause that’s gonna be lit. I know it’s impossible but mentally I’m adding a heart icon to my score, because I think there’s something really special in it.

Score: 8/10

Mikhail: This song is dated (you could hear it in the clubs in the 90s) and the lyrics are veeeryyy sexual. I wouldn’t be surprised if this song is banned in Russia. But somehow it makes my body move and it makes me laugh every time I see the music video. Kudos to Slavko. It will probably become a guilty pleasure — a perfect song for vacuuming!

Score: 5/10

In our Wiwi Jury, we have 38 jurors but only room for eight reviews. The rest of our scores can be found below:

Anastas: 10/10

Andy: 5/10

Angus: 3.5/10

Antony: 7/10

Antranig: 8.5/10

Bernardo: 5.5/10

Bogdan: 7/10

Dayana: 7/10

Edd: 8.5/10

Erdi: 6/10

Forrest: 2/10

George:  5/10

Jacob: 7/10

Jason: 8/10

Jordi: 7/10 

Jovana: 5/10

Kristin: 9/10

Luis: 7/10

Matt: 2/10

Natalie: 5.5/10

Padraig: 7/10

Patrick: 2.5/10

Renske: 4.5/10

Rezo: 7/10

Sami: 5/10

Sinan: 9/10

Stanislav: 5/10

Steinunn: 7/10

Tobias: 4/10

Zakaria: 1/10
















Before calculating the average score, the highest and lowest scores are dropped. This is to remove outliers and reduce potential bias. We have removed a low of 1 and a high of 10.

Wiwi Jury verdict: 6.03/10

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