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At Eurovision 2006, she finished 12th with the Dalmatian inspired “Moja Stikla”. Now, over a decade later, she remains the Balkan Queen of Pop.

After a massive 2016, releasing ethno club bangers “Sekunde” and “Silikoni”, Severina isn’t letting up in 2017. This year’s already seen her stripped back power ballad “Kao”.

Her latest single “Otrove” (Poisons), was released just last week and will be featured in her upcoming album. But this time, Severina is heading to the Eurovision talent pool and fishing our another ESC star. Jala Brat — the rapper who, along with Dalal, Deen and Ana Rucner represented Bosnia and Herzegovina last year — joins Severina on the track.

“Otrove” increases the intensity when compared to “Kao” with the music video and song showing an edgy and urban side to Severina which we have not seen before. Filmed in Tito’s Blue Train in Belgrade, Severina looks stunning in some hip hop inspired outfits.

Jala and the extras seen in the video look the part too. Lots of shades of flourescent colours throughout the video make everything pop and stand out.

The song and lyrics are all by Jala himself. About the song and her co-star, Severina says “When I heard the song “Otrove”, I heard a poet, I heard above average talent, which they are not aware. And that’s what gives it charm and why people love it. Thank you, Jala brother, fly high.”

What do you think of Severina’s “Otrove”? Do you prefer Jala’s turn here to his Eurovision appearance? Shout out your thoughts on the wiwibloggs app, or let us know in the comment section below.

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Y’all trashed Jala when he was in Eurovision,but he is actually one of the most sucessfull rappers and producers in the Balkans right now. I can’t think of the last time his single didn’t become a hit all over Ex Yugoslavia.
Funny thing is,this song is much better than both his and Severina’s Eurovision entries. I think in the future,the Yugos should think about sending something like this to Eurovision. It is our authentic sound,so it would represent us perfectly,and I think it would do very well.


Yes, it’s very unfortunate that rap isn’t well received in Eurovision. Jala Brat also has a song with Milan Stankovic “Ego.” Jala is a man completely full of talent. I haven’t heard a song from him I didn’t like.


Production somehow kills some sentiments in lyrics. Albeit lyrics have been soaked in Hennessy after start 🙂


Severina’s songs are amazingly catchy. This got in my head right after first listening. It’s playing on repeat now. Just gotta love her! <3


She is the best.


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