WATCH: Ilinca and Alex Florea take their song to new heights in “Yodel It” video

Yodeleiooo! Romania‘s power duo Ilinca feat. Alex Florea have released the official video for “Yodel It!”, the song that won Selectia Nationala 2017. The “Yodel It!” video was filmed in Ilinca’s hometown of Cluj Napoca in Transylvania.

In the video, Ilinca is walking around town clad in a flowy, canary yellow dress when she notices Alex perched on top of a tall CGI tower. Dressed in his trademark dark clothes, Alex is singing to her. Soon enough, Ilinca also finds herself on top of a tower, yodeling with Alex to the city below. Other people join in on the fun and new towers spring up all around them, in a joyful chorus.

The visuals highlight the positive message of the song but also the beauty of Cluj Napoca, Ilinca’s home town that serves as a backdrop. The video was sponsored by Visit Cluj, a tourist programme run by the city hall.

“Yodel It!”, which was originally meant for Timebelle in Switzerland, was written by Al Mike, who has also recently released the Euroclub-ready official remix.

Ilinca Bacila and Alex Florea have been busy promoting the “Yodel It!” throughout Europe and are now preparing the last details for the staging for Kyiv. They will be joined by Alex’s brother, who will provide the backing vocals. The two singers promised us that things would look very different from the national final of Selectia Nationala. If the idea behind the staging is as original as the video, things are literally looking up for the Romanian power duo. Ilinca and Alex have their first rehearsals scheduled for 2 May at 13:40 local time.

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