Eurovision Semi-Final 2 Odds: Bulgaria’s Kristian Kostov clear favourite to win


At just 17 years old, he’s the youngest competitor of the year.

But age hasn’t stopped the bookmakers from making Bulgaria’s Kristian Kostov their clear favourite to win Semi-Final Two of Eurovision 2017.

Unlike in the first semi-final, the bookies see Semi-Final 2 as an open and shut case when it comes to the win. It’s no big surprise. The overall odds have Kristian in second place, while no other song in the second semi is in the top five.

Best odds on a Bulgaria victory are 8/11 at Sky Bet — meaning you’d have to put a lot of money on to get anything good back, y’all!

Anyone who does fancy an outside bet may want to turn to the second favourite. That’s Hungary’s Joci Papai with his song “Origo”.

The bookmakers have Joci as good as 13/2, with his place in the running order of 7th perhaps being a factor here.

Once more, there’s quite a gap after Joci back to third, fourth and fifth. And it’s an eclectic mix.

Danish fans will no doubt be happy to see Anja Nissen (8/1, Sky Bet) so high in the odds after their lack of success in recent years.

Fourth goes to Romania’s Ilinca & Alex Florea with “Yodel It!” — perhaps one more for televoters than the jury. Their best odds are 9/1 at Sky Bet.

Finally, it’s Estonia’s Koit Toome & Laura in fifth, just behind at 10/1 (Bet365). Performing second to last in the semi-final, there’s a real chance that “Verona” could still be a dark horse.


Eurovision 2017: Semi-Final Two Odds (To Win)

Eurovision 2017 odds April 27th Semi Final Two

Semi-Final 2 (Odds to Qualify)

The “to qualify” odds don’t change much at the top, but the lower qualifiers do look different. It seems the bookmakers truly can’t make up their mind on which songs should occupy those final spots. At the moment they have Austria and Belarus battling for the tenth spot. They also think that Macedonia, Ireland, Croatia, Malta, Lithuania and San Marino are headed home.

Could we see a fan favourite unexpectedly leave the contest before the grand final? Let us know your thoughts below!

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